Saturday, April 17, 2010


A few bits of interesting info surfaced today within the Mac camp.

  1. It doesn't look like we'll see Jana Anderson singing backup on any upcoming Stevie solo shows this year, Stevie will have only Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks with her singing back-up.  On future Mac shows Jana will definitely be singing back-up.  Reasons are unknown, but it could be a way of streamlining or paring down.
  2. It looks as if there's some truth to Stevie performing later this summer or early fall.  The Trump Taj-Mahal in Atlantic City is the first listing of a show on August 27th.  This show could be the beginning or the tail end.  Maybe its a summer run of shows, maybe it's a run of shows that stretches into early fall... Who knows.  Numbers of shows and venues she'll be in is still up in the air.  
  3. Also, there were rumours of a Stevie solo cd coming out in June... That rumour has been put to rest by Dave Stewart himself - not that it's up to him to decide the release date, but Dave Stewart has been working with Stevie recently writing new songs and recording, so if anyone has any idea of a time frame for a release, it might be him...  Dave said not June, but maybe this year.
So there's definitely some stuff going on and coming our way... 

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