Wednesday, November 03, 2010


His website  posted today that he is in fact in the process... No exact release date announced... No title announced.

"Lindsey has been working on a new solo album, which is currently scheduled for an early 2011 release. The album is currently untitled. Check back soon for details!"

Source: Lindsey Buckingham

2011 will be a big year!  This along with Stevie's album... It doesn't get much better then this!


Anonymous said...

YESSSSS!!! Best news I've had for ages - you've made my day! Can't wait for 2011 and here's hoping for a tour too - even better if Lindsey would consider playing in the UK!! Am saving up for a trip to the US if not - am not missing out this time!!!! Can't wait to see what the new album will be like!

Anonymous said...

Didn't he say recently that there wouldn't be a solo album? Does this mean that after this, Fleetwood Mac will be back in the studio?

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that he's just trying to catch up with Stevie since she said next year will be all about her? LOL

Anonymous said...

I wish Lindsey didn't always make his drums sound so fake and mechanical. He can take a real drummer (like Mick) and make him sound like a drum machine. It makes his music sound less like rock and more like dance, which doesn't really seem to fit his songs. Ever since Tango Lindsey has done this, and I hope whenever the Mac do record he lets Mick's drums sound more real and breathe.

Anonymous said...

poor guy has to compete with stevie. Thats got to be tough on the ego :) and we all know how big his is! Love him tho!

Em said...

This is great news that Lindsey and Stevie are releasing new albums this year. Please, please, please can Fleetwood Mac perform a uk tour. They are one of the best british bands ever with Lindsey and Stevie being such a class act. Always loved their music - 'Tango In The Night' rocks and I listen to it time after time. Lindsey has such amazing voice cant wait for the release.

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