Saturday, November 20, 2010


@DaveStewart tweeted a number of hours ago that he was leaving the UK headed for LA - back to work with Stevie and Lindsay on Monday.

Does Dave mean Lindsey Buckingham or someone else? Given that he spelled Lindsay with an "A" it could mean someone else entirely. If it is Buckingham, is Lindsey really taking part in Stevie's new album? A Buckingham Nicks reunion of sorts? Is he singing, or just playing guitar? It's not clear. So many questions pop up from this. What's clear is that this is the first time someone by the name of Lindsay (with an "A") has entered the fray of Stevie's recording... If it's fact, all she needs is John McVie on their and it's a quasi Fleetwood Mac reunion.  Hopefully it's a spelling error on Dave's part and he does mean Lindsey Buckingham....That would be a treat to hear him play and or sing on the new album.  

You never know.... Maybe Dave Stewart could be that outside producer that Lindsey Buckingham has talked about seeking to help with the next Fleetwood Mac album?? It could happen!


Unknown said...

I've never known the phrase "Stevie and Lindsey" to mean anything other than Lindsey Buckingham (regardless of any misspellings)... :)

Exciting news!!

Anonymous said...

I was kinda looking forward to a Solo Stevie project. Figured she was about due some well deserved recognition on her own. Now a re-issue of Buckingham / Nicks that would be nice...

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