Monday, January 31, 2011

So let's see... What happened today...

Well, we heard that Ian Drew, Senior Music Editor at Us Weekly, was listening to an advance copy of Stevie's new album today... probably not just for his listening pleasure, but you never know... I suspect it was for some sort of  review in a future US Magazine... He writes a music, tv and movies column for US Magazine Ian in your Ear.   His two reassuring comments, not that we need to be reassured at this point, given the fact that everyone that has heard this new album has totally been blown away by it, citing it as the best of her career.

His comments that we were happy to take in:

"And guess who has new Stevie Nicks advance music 
pumping in his office right now? Yep, me!"

"And btw, this Stevie Nicks album? Probably the best 
of her career. Yeah. Out May 3. Get ready."

Beast Called Fame Video
But prior to that... or during all that, a little bit of both... Dave Stewart popped up on the web a video of new music "Beast Called Fame", a new tune from his album due out in May.  It was filmed during his first live show playing new music in Nashville this past October.  What was interesting though, and I may have taken this the wrong way, but Dave may have suggested that smaller venues will be played when he and Stevie get together at some point this year to promote their products...  

Dave Stewart: "Stevie fans go here Youtube now this could be fun before Stevie Comes on Stage ;) Rock and Fucking Roll !"

Nickslive: "What would be great is seeing her/you in a small venue like this RT @DaveStewart: Stevie fans go here this could be fun."

Dave Stewart: "@Nickslive you may be very lucky :)"

Now Dave is also working on a film about Stevie, or a documentary, not really clear what it's going to be, but it's a film... and he's stated that he wants to screen the film in indie type movie houses, which would be smaller venues.  So really you could take his comment both ways.  In any case... the idea is out there, and maybe they'll mix it up, playing smaller venues and the larger venues.

Also, and this will be of particular interest to fans in the UK.  "Ghost The Musical" to which Dave is writing the music for opens in London in July I believe, previews start at the end of June, and I'm sure Dave's making the trip.  It just might be the perfect opportunity for him and Stevie to head on over to the UK - hit a few theatres around the country and make some noise...  There's a huge contingency of fans that would love to see Stevie perform solo over there, trust me, I hear from them!  I mean it's been over 20 years already since she last toured the UK so it's LONG, LONG, LONG over due!

All I know is that from a fan stand point, WOW would it be great to see a Nicks show in a smaller venue like The Belcourt or any one of the thousands of small venues that dot North America.  Will it happen?... That's anyones guess, and probably a long shot, but nobody believed Stevie would record another album either and here we are on the cusp of a new album release. 

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