Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Stevie Nicks (or her label shall I say) Enters The Social Scene
All sites have been made official pages dedicated to Stevie as of this evening... Sarah (Community Manager at Warner Bros Records.) has been tweeting the links to the pages... Check them out!

Knowing it's a label rep doing the socializing makes it a little more plausible since we all know that Stevie doesn't Facebook or Myspace and she DOES NOT TWEET!  All sites/pages are brand spanking new except for the Facebook page - so don't expect too much right now. The Facebook page is sort of new... It's been there awhile just under a different link. Looks like Warners personalized the URL with Stevie's name which changes the link in which to get to the page. All the Facebook people that liked the page previously seem to be intact... So in a way it is new... Hopefully Warners engages fans and really takes this opportunity to involve people... I think they'd enjoy it!  And everyone is super excited and can't wait for May 3rd and for what's to come this year for Stevie!

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