Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video: A little bit of Stevie Nicks from today`s The Talk on CBS

The Talk - TheTalk.com Exclusive: Stevie Nicks Bonus Performance 
Stevie Nicks sings one of her biggest hits "Stand Back!"



When Stevie Nicks was ready to start making her first album of new material in a decade, 'In Your Dreams,' she called former Eurythmic Dave Stewart to help with the writing and producing. Nicks said Tuesday on 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) that it was a fruitful relationship, and that they wrote a song together the first day Stewart visited Nicks' house. Nicks also put on a live performance of 'For What It's Worth.'

During the songwriting process, Stewart made it clear to Nicks that if she didn't like a song they wrote, they didn't have to use it, and that his feelings wouldn't be hurt. "He could read my face, and he could see if it was going a little the other way," said Nicks. "He would just go, 'Uh...' and he would just start playing another chord. So off we'd go another way. So I never had a chance to start having that bad experience."

She then took to the stage with her band to perform 'For What It's Worth,' a song from her new album not to be confused with the Buffalo Springfield classic of the same name. Nicks' 'For What It's Worth' is a look back at her life, which seems to reference her time in Fleetwood Mac and her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham. It's an arpeggiating acoustic tune not too far in sound from 'Landslide.'



Anonymous said...

''Why, thank you, Sharon O, for the obligatory compliment about how awesome my new cd is. It really is, too, but everyone out there in tv land, you just have to take our word for it! 'You May Be The One', 'Italian Summer' and 'Wide Sargasso Sea' are 3 of the best songs I have ever sung, but I just don't have the confidence, chops or motivation to sing them live! Now, Mr. Camera Man, pan to the blown up cover of 'In Your Dreams' while I sing 'Rhiannon'- I have a new cd out! Oh, had to take 'In Your Dreams' out of my set- too many syllables and words and stuff, so though it's the 'In You Dreams' tour, opening with 'Stand Back' is much easier!"

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the interview! And the hosts of the show were extremely gracious and appropriately adoring of Stevie. :-)

I really like the way Stevie has loosened up during her interviews for this CD. In the past, she always seemed defensive. She seems to be in such a great place these days.

Thanks for sharing the clips!

Robert Nunez said...

I thought that the women of The Talk gave Stevie and nice welcome. I also like Stevie being down to earth and "human." I've been watching her on TV since 1981 and she's so often treated like a rarified "legend" and she had the tendency to act very dramatic and talk very cryptically. But it's so nice to see her getting out lately, being upbeat, laughing, sharing and showing just how likable she can be. 63 really suits her!
I have to agree with the first commentator about Stevie having this amazing album out and then coasting on music that's over 25 years old. Maybe that's the reality of TV, but it's sad that the tour has fewer and fewer new songs. I'm so glad I saw the Wilshire show in May. I've never seen her better!

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