Thursday, October 06, 2011

Review: Clearwater, FL "For all the smallness of the show, Lindsey Buckingham wasn't afraid to go arena-style"

Lindsey Buckingham fills small Capitol Theatre with huge tunes and guitar-picking talent 

CLEARWATER — There was a moment Wednesday, during Fleetwood Mac's sour-patch Big Love, when it looked as if Lindsey Buckingham had 13 fingers. So fast, so passionate was his picking, the fretboard was covered in digits, like a blurry special effect from the Six Million Dollar Man.

But alas, like any mortal dude — or, for that matter, rock god — the 62-year-old sports 10 fingers, and such was the intimacy of the venue, every one of the 437 fans in the sold-out crowd were close enough to count for themselves...

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By Sean Daly, Times Pop Music Critic

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