Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Deal of the Week - Fleetwood Mac [Wolfgang's Vault]

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Fleetwood Mac ON SALE! at Wolfgang's Vault

We turn our discount spotlight this week on Fleetwood Mac (one of our favorite bands here in the Vault). Kicking off today we discount a 1970 concert at the Warehouse in New Orleans. Wednesday, don't miss our earliest Fleetwood Mac concert recorded in 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom; and closing it out Thursday and Friday, we offer two in-studio recordings at the Record Plant studios in Sausalito in December, 1974 and Los Angeles in September, 1974  respectively.

If you are interested in our Fleetwood Mac download deals, you're going to love our Deal of the Week - an original 1977 Fleetwood Mac poster from a stop on their Rumours Tour at Oakland Coliseum Stadium for a Day on the Green concert! All week long, you'll save 50% on this beautiful oversized poster designed by Randy Tuten. Don't stop, thinking about getting this poster. Don't stop, it'll soon be yours!  

Poster size: 16 1/2" x 28"
Poster Price: was $185 now $92. 

Fleetwood Mac had released Rumors earlier in the year and was half way through their 1977 tour when they played this show at Oakland Coliseum Stadium. Bill Graham had the band headline the May 7th Day on the Green show.


Anonymous said...

I have had this same poster since the concert happened in 1977, and had no idea it would cost so much now. By the way, this show was at the Oakland Stadium. The Oakland Coliseum is right next to the stadium and is a backetball/hockey arena. They are two seperate venues.

Anonymous said...

I was mistaken above. The venues used to be called Oakland Stadium and Oakland Coliseum. Now the stadium is called Oakland Coliseum and the arena is called Oracle Arena. Sorry for the mix up.

Anonymous said...

I have this poster too, in a black lacquer frame. I love it. I guess if I'm ever strapped for cash I could hawk it on eBay...

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