Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Lindsey Buckingham "Songs From The Small Machine"

By Graham Reid

Aside from Stevie Nicks whose fan base is loyal and huge (but whose last album In Your Dreams was patchy to the point of being often awful), few people these days would care much for what former members of Fleetwood Mac might be up to.

But with Lindsey Buckingham you would always make an exception and tune in.

He helmed some of Mac's most interesting material (notably pushing them from stasis and complacency for Tusk) and his solo career has always been interesting. His Gift of Screws album in 2008 found him in fine, dark form -- and the more recent Seeds We Sow forms the backbone to this two hour-plus live DVD filmed at the Saban Theatre in Beverley Hills early in 2011 which finds him opening solo on acoustic guitar then bringing on a small backing band.

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Anonymous said...

Who does Graham Reid think he is by saying Stevie's CD was patchy and awful. If he hasn't got anything good to say about Stevie, then don't say anything at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Did he listen to the same Stevie Nicks album I did----probably not!!!!! It was by far her greatest single album yet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys....Stevie really is a monotone singer usually staying within one octive and sounds like a lamb. Buckingham on the other hands is pure talent from the get go. Plays every instrument known to man and has an unbelivable range. Reid is right.

Anonymous said...

Stevie does not only sing in one octave or sound like a lamb...IYD is a great album her best behind Belladonna. Lindsey's album was also great not sure where I would rate it maybe 3rd best solo album. His vocals are limited so are Stevie's. I saw them both live last year and the stage is where their true talent is and has always been. It took Stevie 10 months or so to write most of the songs from scratch and record them, make video's for them, and do a few shows take some time to lounge around in Maui. Lindsey had most of these songs in the vault ready to be over produced to death..anyway both albums are fantastic. The reviewer is out of his mind, why did he even mention her if he was only going to insult her.

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