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Hershey PA - Stevie Nicks Pics... Vids... and some Hershey Kisses!


 Secret Love


For What It's Worth

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Thank you to vwall10411 for the great videos


greg said...

There's something very reminiscent about the Stand Back's VERY Rock A Little-esque. The pose, the expression on her face, and of course the REAL Stand Back shawl. It's got a very 1986 vibe to it.

Great photos...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Before the concert started in Long Island they played a rock-a-billy song by Stevie. Does anyone know the name and if it is available anywhere? Thanx for your help.

Anonymous said...

On a trivial note ~ her hair looks a little frizzy. Humidity?

Nickslive said...

Anonymous #1. It was Stevie singing "Not Fade Away" a Buddy Holly cover. She took part in a tribute album released last year called "Listen To Me: Buddy Holly" It was also televised on pbs late last year. Youtube vid of the performance:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stevie sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

WOW! For What It's Worth sounds FREAKIN' AWESOME here! I like how it's transposed to a higher key. Sounds more uplifting somehow.

Anonymous said...

I watched all of the videos and I am so blown away at how p-r-e-s-e-n-t Stevie was. So in the moment... enjoying every second! Singing the songs like the first time. She sounds wonderful and magical, and simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

So, she cut 'Ghosts Are Gone' y'know. Ah, kind of a flatulent sounding song, anyway. No, she didn't replace it with anything. I've been a fan for 35 years, a big fan and encourage others to love attending her shows. So, take the following for the nothing that it's worth- besides, the WebKing her will delete this, likely. It's good to be King, and he's brilliant, so it's his choice. I don't matter anyway, and people like to unconditionally support Ms. Nicks, but here goes:

If she doesn't do something soon with 'Italian Summer' I am so through with her. Double goes for her opening the set with 'In Your Dreams'- I can't believe, but do believe, she doesn't see the impact of singing the title song of a cd she is trying to sell.

Good riddance to me, yes. Since '89 she has neglected playing the best songs on her albums, and after 23 years, I'm done. 'Long Way To Go', ' 'Doing The Best That I Can', Listen To The Rain,' 'Kick It', 'Reconsider Me' from the box set all would have been thrilling live. Then, 'Candlebright' and especially especially 'Everybody Finds Out' and 'Thrown Down'- she couldn't be bothered to attempt to sing them for her fans. We wait forever for the songs we love to come from her, then they lay as track 15 on a cd. (EFO) Instead we got 'Goodbye Baby'- ugh and the lasso on ludes 'Say you Will' pantomime.

A fan since my pre-teens, I got over never hearing her sing 'Violet and Blue' or 'Nothing Ever Changes' live. Now with 'IYD' and 'IS' the two songs that still stand out most after 14 months I think she should love doing her concerts as she wants to do them, but I can't see her anymore. Love and best wishes to all of you attending this year.

The soundmen CAN add reverb to the end of 'Summer' and there's Sharon who would fill it out beautifully. 'Rock and Roll' as an opener- really. 'In Your Dreams' is the ONLY acceptable opener. Sorry, guys and gals, my loss and wishes of success to Nicks, but she's not having much, because she's singing the wrong songs from the cd.
Stevie takes no advice from anyone. ''Good for her'' maybe. But it's also why the label doesn't care about helping her sell the cd with any singles or easy to get late night bookings on tv for singing GOOD songs from the cd. Reprise won't lift a finger to help her get the dvd out. Ever since she said ''no'' to them, " I don't want to rush this for Christmas sales," when the label had heard the entire cd sans the oh so precious 'Soldier's Angel'-the other 11 or 12 songs were recorded, Reprise wanted to rush the mixing, mastering, artwork and promotion and have it all on the front burner for a Tuesday after Black Friday November, 2011 release. She got her way, the release in May, and the label was right- she needed the holiday sales. So, not only me, but the label is through with her...For now, anyway.

At 63, she was not smart to tell the label 'no' or think she should ignore their advice, they know the business of selling cds and knew it would be a perfect stocking stuffer. You can't tell 30-something suits 'no' when one is 63. And note to Nicks: cds still sell, just not yours.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy those 'Landslide' royalties from tv. The new cd was sacrificed. Not ONE late night Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel shie, none of em. 'Landslide' for prime time or 4 times. Oh, and 'Edge of 17- brilliant way to sell a new cd.- Her cd dropped off the charts, and catalog sales for music 37 years old kept rising. Not brainy, but good for the publishing royalties. Leno, Letterman, all of em, would've let her sing any new song, as she chose them. She could've showcased 4 songs in late night alone with 4 tv shows.

And now she won't even sing 'In Your Dreams'. Sorry, sorry, sorry. And 'Dreams' second, snores, and 'Rhiannon' and 'Landslide' and 'GDW'- who the HELL needs to see her on tour with Mac next year! With 'StandBack' too!

Continued from ^:Before it's deleted, anyone who wants to is more than welcome to copy and paste this and send it to any Chiffondra web site there is.
Chiffondra is my name here, I just can't remember how to select it,

The ghosts are gone. Swell. Now, show that she's truly had a solo career of complete merit, and get rid of 'Rhiannon' and every Fleetwood Mac song and she will reinvigorate herself, the crowds, and people will have them to look forward to next year/ It would be a WHOLE year of not hearing the songs- she can't handle it. The fans would love it!

Oh, and get booked on every late night tv show there is, and sing 'In Your Dreams', 'Summer', 'Sargasso' and watch the cd sales double. She is still at 174,800 worldwide. When 'Italian Summer' becomes a staple on adult contemporary stations, if she and Reprise go for it, it could get airplay into early winter and make the cd become certified gold.
Sheesh. Start by opening the set with 'IYD'- but, yes, yes, she takes no advice, ever. She's sabotaged her own ''little masterpiece''. FIX IT!! :)

Anonymous said...

What on earth is happening here, Stevie is the Boss the Queen and always will be, Her loyal fans will always stick by her choices whether they understand them or not, As Marianne Faithfull once said "Just because you don't understand someones choices, That doesn't mean it isn't the right choices for them"..

A genius quote. x


Anonymous said...

You have to be tone deaf to actually believe Italian Summer is suitable for radio or even satellite radio. Same for Sargasso. Both are great songs but too complex, sophisticated and mostly too long for radio. She should have come out of the gate with IYD and followed it up with FWIW. Then and only then would the appetites have sold the non die-hards. It's great to sell CDs but almost no established artists sell CDs anymore. It's all about touring and merchandising for them. Even U2 and Madonna (lord who knows why she can sell any) are facing exponential sales decreases following releases now. Right now I'm just happy to see her looking and sounding good and most of all willing to follow her desire to continue to work. We all know she doesn't have to. FM royalties from worldwide catalogue sales and downloads can probably take care of her daily expenses without even touching her trust funds.

Anonymous said...

I understand passionate fans but c'mon, aren't you being a bit dramatic? Stevies' "fan" tour was her 1998 boxed set tour. Why she doesn't pull out any of these old songs (or other "hits", how about "rooms on fire" or "talk to me"?) is a mystery, BUT, she continues to sell tickets (even selling out in certain markets), soooo...people want to see her. Yes, her set list is BORING, but I think the majority of the people seeing her show aren't die hard fans who have been to 10-20 shows already. In your Dreams is a great album, but it's done, it's not going to sell anything more significant and there will be no radio play, you just have to learn to accept it. Stevie is in the twilight of her career and she still sounds pretty good. Just accept the fact that she is not taking any chances anymore with her set list (but then again, when did she ever, really?). I am a HUGE fan but I am not going to see her live anymore for your same reasons, but I respect the fact that she chooses what she sings for a reason, even if it is only known to her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right! She should have come out of the gate with In Your Dreams. That song would sell, sound great on radio, and perhaps sell seats at shows. I don't understand it either and I've been a fan since I was 9 years old in 1977. IYD's is such the obvious choice as an opener and a single. WIll be interesting to see the set list for the Heart/Soul dates.

Anonymous said...

I think starting the show with Rock and Roll was brilliant. The PA plays Stevie's cover of Not Fade Away and then she comes in singing Rock and Roll... firmly situates her in the rock pantheon.

As far as her other choices, I think she *is* taking risks -- what other rocker over 40 (let alone 60) would put 6 new songs in a set and get away with it!

I agree, as a deep lover of Stevie's music and someone who has seen her about a dozen times, I'd love to hear her play more old deep tracks (Reconsider Me, e.g. is one of my favorite stevie songs), but I don't think that given the average concert goer, she can get away without playing at least some of her standards. So to have room for the new songs, that fills a set. I'd love to see her do a few shows of old deep cuts, that would be amazing. I'd also love to see her work with Rick Rubin or T Bone on her next album and go for something a little grittier and bluesier, but she hasn't asked me. So until then, I love that she is committed to the new album and is back out on the road with it this summer.

Saw her in Hershey this week -- great show, headed to Niagara this weekend.

She's the best.

Rock on all.

Anonymous said...

The Title Track of the Album "IN YOUR DREAMS" is easily the most commercial and catchiest song on the CD. WHY WHY WHY? Does she IGNORE this song? Makes no sense.
Also WHY opening with a COVER of a Zep song when she has so many to choose from?????
IMO, "Ghosts are Gone" has a really annoying riff in the opening...I dont know just something about the way it sounds, irritates me...and the song is a Shania Twain clone.
"You COuld Be The One" is best runner up. Has some soul to it.
"Secret Love" is just barely Ok. A VERY WEAK debut song. I think this set the public opinion tone for the rest of the CD.
Stevie may be the Queen, but she is not ruling her Kingdom very efficiently.
heading down the NOSTALGIA path of used to be Rock n Rollers. Maybe, that is OK with her at this stage of her life. She has NOTHING LEFT TO PROVE to----Anyone.

Robert said...

I love hearing some of the criticism here. I've been saying it for years. Does somebody love Stevie's work more because they say every song is perfect and everything she does is her best? I don't think so. It's lazy. It ignores the real moments or brilliance. Every great artist can be looked at critically and stand up to it. To say she has made mistakes doesn't deny those precious moments of inspired genius.
The anonymous poster who says Stevie is ignoring In Your Dreams and, instead, filling her set with songs from the 1970s and early 1980s is so right. She says she loves this album, but year after year we keep seeing set lists that drop newer songs (anything from the last 25 years) for oldies. And once the tour is up and running another new song is usually dropped (Destiny Rules, Ghosts Are Gone). Who is Stevie Nicks in 2012? Is she an artist who makes music now? Or is she an oldies act who is happy to feed he beer-filled concert-goers and bloated diet of nostalgia? I believe she is an artist as vital as ever. But seeing her in concert is so often disappointing.
I was fortunate enough to see her at her birthday concert at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles last year. There, I saw a rare glimpse of a performer who is not afraid to take risks. I saw a woman who was living in the moment, proud, creative and as vital as she's ever been. She did nearly every track from the new album. Has she EVER done that before? It was thrilling to watch.
This tour (along with The Enchanted tour) is certainly one of her boldest. I can appreciate that. Replacing Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You with Love Is brought some life to the set. Kicking off with six songs from the new album may be the best she's done since 1981. I love it! But leave Landslide and Stand Back home when you go on TV. Give Edge of Seventeen a rest. Show the world In Your Dreams and Moonlight. Let the new songs become the classics they deserve to be.
If I was advising Ms. Nicks, I would tell her to make an album every other year. Write. Record. Sing. Share your gifts with the world. Show the world your beautiful visions through 64-year-old eyes. Then through 66-year-old eyes and 68-year-old eyes and never quit. Stop selling endless nostalgia and show the world that you are the reigning Queen of Rock-n-Roll!

Anonymous said...

Well said Robert, but Stevie has to appeal to the mass audience and that is the casual fan who only knows Landslide and will go for a beer run when she starts singing a new song. What she supposed to do? I would think there are more casual fans than die hard fans but could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard anything ABOUT MORE NEW DATES?
just saw Vancouver and Portland added but no dates or venues???

Anonymous said...

Well, it's the Fleetwood Mac songs that are the most bothersome, because she doesn't seem to know that insisting to do them every tour is admitting - wrongly- that her solo career material isn't strong enough to stand alone without the Mac songs- it's boring, it's a crutch that has hurt her reputation, and she doesn't care. Her way on her highway.

I WAS, truly, told it's the reason she isn't in the Rock Hall Of Fame as a solo artist- I think it is so deserved. Was shot down with: "SHE doesn't believe she can do a concert tour without the Mac songs, she hasn't done it once. Fleetwood Mac is already in. She WON'T get in as a solo act because she isn't secure enough to do her solo material for a full set. If she doesn't believe in her solo music, the Hall of Fame isn't going to induct her again for the same songs that got her in once"- that is almost verbatim. She didn't make it to the final cut if NOMINATIONS last year because of this. "But she did six songs from the new cd"- Yes, but still is relying on 'landslide' - 'rhiannon'- 'dreams' and 'gold dust woman' and sometimes 'sara' or other Fleetwood Mac tunes. "That's not a solo career that will be awarded''.

Audiences who go to see Nicks solo go to see her with Fleetwood Mac. Any 15 songs from her solo career would do for a set. There's 'talk to me', 'can't wait', 'rooms on fire', 'bella donna', 'nightbird, 'wild heart', and any album cuts from her later solo career.
I wanted it for her, fans want it for her, and oh, Stevie wants it badly herself but she doesn't see the bigger picture and it holds her back- sheeyitt- Madonna is in- who has never even recorded a rock song.

At this time, Stevie is not held in esteem as a solo act by the panel because SHE doesn't believe she can get through a solo tour without so many Mac songs, and they're the same ones she's been sure to always, always, sing when she returns to Mac. ONE Mac song might be ok, maybe two. She doesn't get it. "At this time''- well, there's not much time left. She negates the huge solo star that she once was and could still be recognized for being, but not with her stubborn refusal to distinguish that "Stevie Nicks'' has had a career beyond Fleetwood Mac when she hits the stage as a solo artist. Disappointing. And this is all true. Happened in NYC in autumn of 2011- and the Grammy snubs were because of - well, that's another story- wrong songs submitted, and a label disappointed by her lack of cooperation.


Anonymous said...

I think IYD is a horrible song. She should however, include Wide Sargasso Sea, You Could Be The One and Everybody Loves You in her set. Personally, I love Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman. I could do without Landslide, Rock N Roll and Edge of Seventeen. I have been a fan of Stevie's for over 30 years and I think she's wonderful. I do agree that she would benefit greatly from adding different songs.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm really glad that I'm not the only rabble-rouser here, cause I was feeling lonely for a long time. The behind-the-scenes revelations explain a lot about how and why IYD went down the way it did. And I'm going to agree with the people who say the title song and Italian Summer are the set's hits, but they're not necessarily to be sold as dull A/C fodder. Remember how Stevie ripped into FALL FROM GRACE at a live awards shows, even though it was a new song? Yes - she should've done the same with IYD. Had no idea how she pissed off Reprise, but it now makes sense. I believe the story. She wouldn't let them do their job and now it's over. Not Stevie's career, but this corporate phase of it. Funny how Stevie "rages against the machine' as phony rebels do as they're told. Stevie and FM have long been horrible judges of their own hits, with many weak songs put out in front while many stronger songs have languished in obscurity. To reiterate another commentator, OOH MY LOVE (horrible title!) should have been Stevie's biggest ever hit, to follow ROOMS ON FIRE. Instead, it was never released, and the weak Klonopin-themed TWO KINDS OF LOVE took its place. Sadly, the singles choices haven't much improved, even as Stevie;s personal clarityt has long been restored. Why were THROWN DOWN and EVERYBODY FINDS OUT dismissed? People said SAY YOU WILL had no "hits." Like hell it didn't!!! It's just that S&N would rather battle with each other than be successful. At some point, you just gotta accept that dysfunction goes along with being a SN/FM fan...

Anonymous said...

I think our insightful friend meant that Reprise wanted it released in November 2010, not May 2011. No prob. Just a minor fact check. It seems incredible to me that Stevie didn't take their advice. Now she's kicking herself that she didn't have those Rod Stewart/Paul McCartney sales numbers - but what does one expect? Stevie's dad was once head of Armour Meats and Greyhound and I'm sure he encountered know-it-all battle-axes like Stevie in his career. Stevie - do your music, but let them do their job!!!! Actually, it's very sad seeing Stevie pushing IYD to little results after having told off Reprise, and lost dearly.....

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be honest. The first time I heard ITALIAN SUMMER I burst into tears and cried and cried. Why? I don't know why. But it's Stevie's most powerful song in years. Let's not fight about it - it needs to go out into the world one way or another as a hit. Because it encapsulates Stevie's hard-to-define magic. With a NEW song in the HERE and NOW. I love it!!! And so does everyone I've played it for. It goes to breathless, surprising, unimagined heights...and that final NOTE! It proves that Stevie is as great as Maria Callas!!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Italian Summer I have a theory here. A BIG theory (and given the wonderful post above, I gave it another listen).

How many of you Italian Summer lovers are Age 40+? To me--a somewhat savvy 20 something--this song is a snooze fest. A BEAUTIFUL snooze fest. It's like an upbeat ballad that I can't dance to. Give me SS, BeaChild, Storms or give me nothing. Or Hey! Give me Everybody Loves You, or You May Be The One <-- those two do it for me based on subject matter more so than music..although the crescendo to "i loved you so much" in YMBT1 is killer.

I don't see how I-S would resonate with anyone under the age of 35. And as we all learned in Dest-Rules, it's those 10-27 yr olds who buy records, and thus determine the market for radio, etc. You never know if the older fans will come out of the waaa...'wall' right?!

I've fallen in love with IYD all over again since this spat of shows and even FWIW which I never really loved-loved is now blasted for that 'AHHHH' before the double reprise of the chorus at @3:40. The run of songs from SL down to My Heart (i bought the WB edition) is KILLER. And yeah I love that demo too and would LOVE to hear it live.

I-S could go out into the world in some RomCom in a heartbeat, thought I know the thought might make some cringe.

Anonymous said...

FWIW (no really), could I petition NicksLive to start a forum? There's great discussions on here that need a place of accessibility and semi permanence.

We could be edgier ledge with black on black and red type.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all the intelligent posts here as well. As far as music being age-restrictive, I beg to differ. Youth doesn't necessarily simply equate to, "I have to dance to it", or, "if it isn't about fucking and partying I'm not interested." That's very narrow-minded. How could classical music have survived for centuries? If you want to do the marketers' work for them and self-restrict to "age-appropriate" material, then you're ceding your tastes to others. I happen to love new, old, in-between, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop, Ambient, etc.. DON'T PUT ME IN AN AGE GHETTO, PLEASE. ITALIAN SUMMER is so appealing because stylistically it's completely different for Stevie and captures her wild, beautiful, sad romanticism. That's why I love it. Not because I'm programmed to. And I challenge you to a dance-off!!! No offense, taken - just wanted to respond.

Anonymous said...

^hmmm! That age post said nothing about "fucking and partying" but mentioned "dancing" and "subject matter," which I have to agree with. That's what I luvvvvv about her music!!! Her songs mean something to me!!!! And usually they make me want to dance.

IT'S CRAZZZYYYYYYYY to think Italian Summer is Stevie's calling card for this new album! And wow calm down! That post brought up SILVER SPRINGS and BEAUTIFUL CHILD: I'm sure that person is NOT DANCING TO but loving the life behind those songs! Both really mean something more than "OMG an amazing rain storm in Italy with Capri right nearby I'll remember if forever!"

Italian Summer doesn't rock my world or feel wild, beautiful, or anything of the sort.

And If we wanted to get a weighty pop culture opinion on the song, Mr. Jimmy Iovine would totally agree. He'd never release that song.

Anonymous said...

Now that it's been determined that I'm CRAZY, that rainstorms aren't profound like beautiful children, that I'm pretentious, that you "world wasn't rocked" (ugh!) and that you can channel the opinions of Jimmy Iovine (who hasn't produced Stevie for almost 30 years), I guess I stand corrected.

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