Monday, July 09, 2012

Video: Stevie Nicks Interview from Today at 'Good Day New York'

Really great interview from earlier today at 'Good Day New York' on Fox New York City - July 9, 2012

Stevie Nicks Interview:  If you have problems viewing... Here's the Fox5 Website

Part 1

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Where Stevie is shown the Wild Heart video from the Rollingstone Cover shoot in 1981, and she talks about the Documentary.


Anonymous said...

Love that the guy brought up with Wild Heart Makeup session! And Italian Summer lovers...Stevie wants togo to Italy and sing IS on a street corner in a long red dress! Stevie soooo did not want to sing for her though...I don't blame her! Kinda an annoying request at the very end of an interview.

Anonymous said...

yea, how annoying to ask a professional singer for over 35 years to sing a few bars of one of her 40000 songs.

Anonymous said...

The interview was going so well
Until that dweeb anchorette requested a song
Ouch that was painful
It was enjoyable while it lasted

Anonymous said...

Stevie was so gracious to that idiot woman! Stevie just mentioned she lost her voice and this idiot asked her to sing? Stevie looked at the woman like she lost her mind! lol Of course I think this woman made a total and complete fool out of her self when she was so self assured that she knew what Landslide was all about. Why don't people do their research?

Anonymous said...

^ To the above anony:

THAT was mean. What you wrote. The female interviewer was charming- the interview was set up last minute for Nicks- her ''research'' is not part of what a 6 minute interview is about- she HEARD 'this is for you, daddy' on the radio countless times and on 'The Dance' cd which sold nearly 5 million copies, so her thinking the song was about SN's father was all because of SN's dedication that is still played all these years later regularly, and it starts out 'this is for you daddy'

The woman and man gave SN every opportunity to promote IYD and off the top of her head, she sings a cpl lines of Rhiannon, when asked. Not quick on the uptake, that Stevie. She could've, should've sung a short chorus of In Your Dreams. You're touring to support the cd, SN. Rhiannon, great.
OR it makes great sense to her to fly to Italy to sing 'Italian Summer' to a country that doesn't speak English but she won't sing it for us. Take the red dress out of mothballs and sing it for your US fans, SN. EF us, sing it for Italians who don't know who she is She HAS no audience in Italy and they wouldn't understand the song. WE don't matter, she wants a trip to Italy.

Seeing how the interviewers both commented on 'Summer' the line Stevie should've sung was 'when it rains in the italian summer, it rains fast and it rains hard, the....tears you apart.' EASY. NO big note at the end. Oh, but sing 'Rhiannon'- albeit just a line. That'll move copies of the cd. I am fine that it just won't sell, at all.
STEVIE failed, the interviewers were great. The woman interviewer was NOT an idiot- she even purposely sang badly the next line of 'Rhiannon' to deflect from Stevie choking on the first line. "Why don't people do their research''- you wrote. Why don't YOU realize they did her a last-minute favor and showed her kidness, enthusiam for the new cd, and a chance to sing any line or 2 she chose- she knows not a thing about promotion and YOU give Nicks fans a bad name by faulting the charming interviewers.

Anonymous said...

The woman was not an idiot. She was a big fan of Stevie. Stevie could have said no but she didn't she sang a few notes. I love Dave Price. When Gayle interviewed Stevie, Gayle was mean and putting Stevie down. Dave and the other woman were kind. This was a great interview.

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