Saturday, October 06, 2012

SECOND SCREENING: Mill Valley Film Fest. STEVIE NICKS 'In Your Dreams' 10/13 Tickets Available

In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks
Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA
Saturday, October 13 • 3:30pm at CinéArts@Sequoia • Mill Valley, CA

Rock ‘n’ roll’s eternally bewitching Gold Dust Woman opens her home studio and creative process to musical collaborator, documentary director and former Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart as the pair record Stevie’s critically acclaimed 2011 solo album In Your Dreams.

The first screening on October 12th with a Q&A afterwards with Stevie is sold out.  Tickets are still available for the second screening added to the festival on Oct 13th.  Be one of the first to see the new documentary on the west coast!  Stevie unfortunately won't be attending the second screening.

Get your tickets here


Anonymous said...

She must have 30 sets of that top she's wearing.

I don't hate it, but it would be fabulous if she had it in various colors.

Red? White? Cream? Charcoal gray?

Isn't she afraid people watching the film showing she's attending will make the connection she's wearing the same outfit?

If her career continues another 15-20 years (and I think it will), this outfit will end up replacing her current 1970s stage clothes currently displayed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that top is very tired. I would love to see Stevie wear some of Joan Rivers' clothes off stage. Joan always wears basic black with a beautiful jacket or shawl.

Anonymous said...

Stevie and Lindsey's stage dress has changed, it lacks luster and is more of a uniform than anything else. I miss the old Stevie and her fashion flair! I know she has aged and is looking for something in line with who she is now, but geeze Stevie, wearing the same outfit? We are from that same generation where fashion mattered and if one wore the same outfit night in and night out well......that was a big fashion Taboo and something you just didn't do! It smacks of being tacky! Stevie shines from the inside out, why can't her stage clothes do the same, shine out? She isn't dead yet!

Anonymous said...

It's like she's terrified of colour. Not everything that is witchy-woman has to be black. Wear some dark blues and creams!! Hell, wear ANYTHING different than that horrific shoulder-less see-through chiffon top! We've seen it ENOUGH!

Maury said...

Argh! Previous commentary is senseless.

Anonymous said...

Poster #1, Stevie DOES have a red version of that top, that we're all sick of. Karen, are you reading this?

Anonymous said...

If she decides to go into public dressed as Zorro, who cares? She likes black. She will be classy and cool in any attire. Cream? Seriously? Having an eye for fashion forwardness is fine, but get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Are you fashion police serious? I mean come on, dress like Joan Rivers... You must be joking. She has always worn black and she is comfortable in it. She looks outrageously gorgeous, so get off her back about her wardrobe. Love her lifestyle, if you feel it, don't try to change her... You NEVER will!

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