Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video + Radio Interview: Stevie Nicks on The Lady Brain Show Tonight!

with Steph & Lauren

This week, Stevie Nicks tells us about her newest endeavour, the film she made with Dave Stewart, about the making of her album “In Your Dreams.”

If you missed this interview last night (like me), you can catch it today (Sunday) at 10pm in Phoenix on KWSS 106.7FM. Listen live, stream it or get the podcasts later in the week at The Lady Brain Show! 

Stevie Nicks red carpet interview at 20th annual Hamptons International Film Festival

Rock legend Stevie Nicks attends the 20th annual Hamptons International Film Festival for the premiere of her documentary, "In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks." Ms. Nicks discusses the documentary, what she hopes the audience will away from the film, and more.


Anonymous said...

I just wish a release date for the purchase of this documentary was available. I have not seen any hard proof that it will ever be released.
And I also wish that something will be included with it. Hopefully, one of the concerts from the last tour.

Anonymous said...

Me too! and a poster would be soooo nice!

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