Friday, November 23, 2012

Check these photos out! Fleetwood Mac September 5, 1976, Austin, TX at Sunday Break 2

Fleetwood Mac September 5, 1976, Austin, TX at Sunday Break 2
Fleetwood Mac, 1974, Hofheinz Pavilion (opening for Jefferson Starship)
Fleetwood Mac, Dec 3, 1975, Houston Music Hall

Some we've seen before from this day, especially the 1976 Sunday Break 2 shots... Many I'm sure you haven't.

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Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work. Is it RockingHouston or RockinHouston. There is a discrepancy. I've never seen any of these photos and would very much like to view them.

Anonymous said...

This secret code stuff is Bullsh..t.

I can't even read most of them to type the nonsense words and numbers. The images are totally dark and blurry. WTF? Did somebody hack this site or something?

I'm not buying concert tickets, I'm posting an anonymous comment.

Please get rid of this. This is the best Stevie website. We shouldn't have to do this.

Anonymous said...

I love the b&w photos from 1976. The ones of Lindsey standing in the doorway with his guitar and the one of Stevie sitting and looking straight ahead. Little did they know what lied ahead.

Unknown said...

I was at that 1976 outdoor concert. That is when I decided that Fleetwood Mac was a studio band because they really sucked at the concert. In contrast, the Steve Miller Band was even better live than on record at the same concert.

Jonno said...

Bob, I agree, they did sound like a poor imitation cover band live. But by the Tusk tour, they'd honed the sound out and really sounded great.

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