Friday, September 20, 2013

Christine McVie to make a return.. and it’s no rumour... But will she join Fleetwood Mac in Dublin tonight?

By James Ward
Irish Mirror

Fleetwood Mac fans set for treat as former key band member gets ready to make Dublin appearance

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll! If ever there was a band that followed that mantra to the letter it was Fleetwood Mac.

The long-lasting British- American group may be remembered for such hits as The Chain, Little Lies and Go Your Own Way, but in terms of booze and drug-bingeing, partnerswapping and back-stabbing drama, it makes the Rolling Stones look like a church choir.

This year marks 35 years since the release of the band’s masterpiece ‘Rumours’ that would go on to become one of the most successful records in history selling over 40 million worldwide.

The rock icons are currently on a critically acclaimed world tour that reaches Dublin for two sold-out shows on Friday and Saturday night.

The band have been rehearsing in the capital and spotted in the five-star Four Seasons hotel on Wednesday night.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, frontwoman Stevie Nicks has revealed that former key member Christine McVie, who left the band over 14 years ago,

has been in Dublin rehearsing with the band.

“She’s coming to do two nights (in London) and probably do ‘Don’t Stop’. I’m not sure, but she’s coming to Dublin to rehearse whatever song she’s going to do. We never wanted her to leave, so for us it’s amazing that she is going to come,” Nicks said.

McVie won’t accompany the tour beyond London, apparently down to her fear of flying.

British drummer Mick Fleetwood, the only original member in the present line up, revealed earlier this year that there is a new Fleetwood Mac album in the pipeline and that new songs will be released online in the coming months.

Fleetwood Mac’s 46-year dark history is the stuff of legend but t begins long before the destruction of love affairs that is chronicled in painful detail on Rumours.

Set lists from the US leg of the tour show the band playing the lion’s share of Rumours with smatterings from Tusk, Fleetwood Mac and only one, Big Love, from their 1987 album Tango in the Night.

Fans disappointed that they didn’t snap up a ticket to see the Mac in Dublin may get a second chance to see them live as they have said they would like to be included on the Glastonbury 2014 bill.

Speaking to music site Gigwise, Fleetwood explained that although last year’s rumoured festival slots came to nothing due to touring commitments, next year could be a different matter.

“Hopefully Glastonbury will ask us again,” he said, “although they’ve probably got fed up of asking us!”


Anonymous said...

These idiot journalists constantly write so many mistakes in their articles.

"British drummer Mick Fleetwood, the only original member in the present line up."

I think that would come as a surprise to John McVie who we all know is also an original member of Fleetwood Mac.

Anonymous said...

I can see why they did that because the original bass player for Fleetwood Mac was Bob Brunning albeit for a very short time. Peter Green named the band with John in mind but he was still in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. So technically the article is correct.

Anonymous said...

But they were not named "Fleetwood Mac" until John was in the band.

Anonymous said...

Technically, Pete Green and Mick Fleetwood actually named the band Fleetwood Mac to entice John to join the band. And it worked.

Anonymous said...

OK I love Fleetwood mac But in this economic collapse,I would love to see them but with no job to bad they can not do what kid rock is doing i do not think they need the money 20.00 ticket :) Maybe they will read this and bring me to them i will dress nice and look good with class LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry Becky but that just did not make sense!!!

lynda1010 said...

so glad to see criss back aww it was magic wicked the lynda1010

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