Monday, December 30, 2013

Fleetwood Mac will bring famous catalog, new songs to MGM Grand show

Tonights The Night!
Welcome back John! Have a great show!

By Jason Bracelin

It’s maybe the sweetest song that Stevie Nicks ever wrote about her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and like their love itself, it was eventually lost.

Penned more than four decades ago, “Without You” is a blown kiss to Nicks’ former beau, written with a constellation of stars in her eyes.

“If I’d not heard your laughter / Maybe I wouldn’t love you,” she wrote, her i’s practically dotted with little hearts. “If I’d not sung your music / I’d not come rolling after you.”

The song was demoed in the early ’70s, and Nicks recalls performing it live on numerous occasions.

“We did it onstage 62 times,” she remembers. “The audience seemed to really love it. We told the whole story of where we lived and how we moved down here. It was like they really got to walk with us through that song. It should have been on a Fleetwood Mac record. But, you know, sometimes things get lost.”

And sometimes they get found.

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Anonymous said...

Stevie doesn't know what she is going to do in 2014??? How about record some music, either with FM or solo???? Please don't make us wait another 10 years to get something new. If recording new stuff isn't going to happen, how about releasing deluxe editions of the solo albums with b-sides and unreleased songs (Julia, Jimmy Come On Back, Chanel Chanel to name a few) and deluxe editions of Mirage, Tango and BTM with b-sides and unreleased songs (Ricky, Joan of Arc to name a couple more). At the very least please release Buckingham Nicks on CD already.

Anonymous said...

I have Buckingham Nick on CD : )

Anonymous said...

... or a boxed set of unreleased demos and outtakes.

Anonymous said...

Buckingham NICKS on CD ~ leaving for Las Vegas on Sunday for my 3rd Fleetwood Mac show in 2013. It has been a good year ~ I am thankful : )

Anonymous said...

Yes please continue this wonderful journey. dont wait another 10 years!

Anonymous said...

Want to see Stevie solo again or Buckingham
/Nicks live!

Anonymous said...

Leaving Sunday morning for Vegas. first Fleetwood concert ever. I have listened to Fleetwood Mac for 38 years. I still love their music

Nickslive said...

^^ Oh WOW! I'm really excited for ya! Your first time! Have an amazing experience!

justsomedame said...

Just returned from the concert. Great to hear them live and know they are still making history.

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