Thursday, December 05, 2013

Video: Stevie Nicks: Would She Welcome Christine McVie Back Into Fleetwood Mac?

Stevie Nicks chats with Access about Christine McVie, who left Fleetwood Mac in 1998, expressing interest in returning to the band. Would Stevie welcome her back? And, would she have any conditions for Christine if she did return?

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Unknown said...

Like Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac needs to do an internet fan show. Let US pick the songs. I realize they have many alubms and 3 distinct eras, but play some of the songs us older fans miss. WHY, Spare me a little, Over My Head, so on.

Anonymous said...

OK Stevie has somewhat tempered her comments about Christine rejoining the band.

What still doesn't seem genuine is that it is completely normal for the other four band members to want to make sure Chris understands coming back would be permanant and involve all the traveling she had gotten sick of.

But what seems very odd is why Stevie feels the need to have this conversation repeatedly over and over in the press. This should have been a private matter discussed among the band.

By using the media to make this point over and over, it really makes Stevie seem disengenious in really wanting Chris back. And I can't help but thinking if they all don't understand how much this would mean to the fans they they are not seeing things clearly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because she said the same kind
of thing to Sheryl Crow when all the hoopla was buzzing about Cheryl joining...about how "she would sacrifice her time because when Fleetwood Mac calls you have to be there".In this instance I can't read too much into Stevie saying as Chris has said to the British Press "if they ask me" stevie is saying that they have had this conversation. How much longer will they honestly tour?. I would like to think stevie is answering Chris through the media. I am certain that for a long as Christine had been in chicken shack and the Mac, she knows what touring is about. Sure she has been gone 15 years, Lindsey was gone for ten years,
Stevie for four years. Christine was there from Peter Green leaving to the other guitar players exiting. She was there to see Lindsey come and Go 12 years after.....and to welcome Rick and Billy....and, she was still there for the Time LP,when Lindsey and Steven and Rick had bolted. I think if she signs a contract....she'll keep her word. I wish Chris were more vocal to the press at times. Well if it's meant to be it will.

MplsMike said...

If Christine wants to come back she'll come back.

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