Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NEW Untitled Stevie Nicks Solo Album

Photo: Dave Stewart
Created a page for this new adventure Stevie's embarked on with Dave Stewart in Nashville... It's a compilation of the information gathered thus far... A timeline if you will.

A Tale of Two Recording Sessions


Unknown said...

We are the lucky ones.....rock on!

Anonymous said...

^no taylor swift lyrics during this charmed hour please

Anonymous said...

Never "in my dreams" did I think we'd get a new album from Nicks. I really thought IYD was the end of her solo releases so the fact that there is a new album coming is unbelievable and welcomed. If it sounds musically (sonically) clear as the music does on Cheaper Than Free, then it's going to be a nice-sounding CD. The weakness of Cheaper Than Free is not the's the lyrics.

John Seger said...

NICE! She'll pull through. A new solo album, anew FM album. Tours. whoooo hooo

Anonymous said...

cece loves stevie, the music flows thru her veins like a river & she will rock on forever just like the white winged dove. And the angels will be listening, but no YouTube, lol !

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