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Saturday, October 26, 2013

TONIGHT: Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam @ZiggoDome. LAST SHOW Europe! Give Them a GREAT Send Off!

One more European show to go this Saturday night in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome and that's it for the European leg of the tour. Fleetwood Mac then take a short, but I'm sure a much needed, two week break before regrouping in Sydney, Australia for a string of dates through the country beginning November 10th. The Australian / New Zealand leg of the tour concludes in Auckland, New Zealand on December 7th. Fleetwood Mac are scheduled to play in Sydney (2 shows), Brisbane (2 shows), Melbourne (2 shows), Perth (2 shows), Adelaide, Geelong, Hunter Valley and Auckland (3 shows) before heading back to the US for their final public show this year December 30th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

If you are one of the privileged ones that will be seeing the band in Amsterdam on Saturday, their last Euro show... Give them a great send off and have a blast at the show!!

"Without You" Intro... Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 23, 2013

"Without You" intro Stuttgart, Germany Oct 14 2013
These intros are long... but who cares, I think they're entertaining - especially this one... You never know what your going to get like in Stuttgard, Germany... This intro is way out of the ordinary from all the other intros... 

Stevie says after Lindsey's part of the intro (a little testily), "Can I just add... in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in... that for 5 years previous to that, I washed your jeans...sewed moons and stars on them... fringed them... Ironed your t-shirts... Made your house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress and a cleaning lady... and ALSO loved you."  Lindsey's response to this is just as funny... but it all ends sweetly.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fleetwood Mac in Stuttgart: The love and suffering

by: Stefan Franzen
Badische Zeitung

Fleetwood Mac have raised the pop catharsis as an art form. At the concert at the Schleyer Hall in Stuttgart, the band celebrated the suffering love as the basis of their hits from 40 years.

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Unvergesslich, unvergessen
Fleetwood Mac durchbrechen den Kitschalarm mit Hits
by Claudia Reicherter

For 38 years, the four current members of Fleetwood Mac playing together. In Stuttgart they were as fresh as on the advantages "Rumours" times.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beurteilung: Fleetwood Mac erwecken in der ausverkauften Schleyer-Halle alte Träume

Gold dust on the vocal cords
Fleetwood Mac awaken in the sold-Schleyer-Halle old dreams
By Bernd Hüttenhofer (Original Review)

(google translated)
Actually it is quite simple, says Lindsey Buckingham, the lead guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, before rappelvollem house. One must only find a formula for success and then to squeeze the last drop. The stupid thing about it is that is only offered from an economic perspective approach for artists, however fatal. So Buckingham has taken a new direction with the band in the late seventies and "Tusk" is set in the world. And this work we will now celebrate with a few songs, he announces.
Photo by Matthias Getto
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Tusk was an ambitious, far ausholendes double album with a unique theme song, a kind of tribal singing with pronounced rhythmic structures. And an album that nobody expected, not after "Rumours", this stroke of genius from the year 1977.

Easily have never made it Fleetwood Mac, and certainly not during and after their aptly "rumors" baptized main work. Emerged in London in 1967 from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, named after drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie band survived several line-up changes. 1970 came McVies Christine Perfect, previously singer at Chicken Shack, the band. The formation, which is appreciated throughout the world for decades, created in 1975, as the U.S. duo Buckingham / Stevie Nicks brought new influences and ideas into the band.

The success took its toll. When the five met in the spring of 1977 in California in the studio to record the new album, were all private worlds in ruins. Fleetwood had found out that his wife cheated on him Jenny, the marriage of McVies was after eight years at the end, and also the long-standing romance between Buckingham and Nicks ended in tears and bitterness.

In this highly emotional, explosive mélange, additionally fueled by alcohol and drug problems, was one of the most successful works of popular music, on a par with "Dark side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin IV, or "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Some 45 million copies of "Rumours" were sold today. Eleven songs of timeless beauty, presented with great ingenuity, craftsmanship and perfect production.

Now, Fleetwood Mac for the first time in years on the road, first in the USA, now also in Europe. It was not a bad idea, the concert with three tracks of this album (Second Hand News, The Chain and Dreams) to start. And then early Rhiannon, a hymn like a sunrise. You do not know which to admire more: Nicks hoarse, like gold dust finished, voluminous voice, or her talent for composition, which has also yet to be loose enough for an outstanding career as a solo artist. For the journal New Musical Express Nicks is "the ultimate rock goddess".

For the fans in Stuttgart too. The game was quickly won the audience hooked with irresistible melodies. Two and a half hours were "The Mac" the tension high throughout. And creativity in the band is reawakened after ten years of hiatus. As the wonderful "Sad Angels", was a four new, recently released songs, ammunition reinserted in the barrel.

In the end, only one blemish was Christine McVie is no longer there since 1998. They missed as a songwriter, but even more than vocal counterpart to Nicks. Buckingham is an exceptional guitarist and arranger, his voice less impressive potential. Maybe that is why Nick has betrayed a reporter before the tour that they would be ready immediately, Christine McVie five million U.S. dollars, payable to the hand when she goes back on tour.

Wish we fully support, but we do not even have the five million on hand.


Review | Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Stuttgart Ein Herz für Nostalgiker

Fleetwood Mac Live in Stuttgart
October 14, 2013 - Schleyerhalle
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Fleetwood Mac in Stuttgart

A Heart For Nostalgia

Sometimes you forget how many hits for the U.S. band Fleetwood Mac was already responsible. On Monday night, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood have reminded again at the gig at the sold Schleyer Halle. 9500 spectators Fleetwood Mac played one hit after the other, sometimes rock, sometimes gently, but always wonderfully catchy. The repertoire ranged from "Second Hand News," "Dreams" and "Rhiannon" to "Tusk", "Gypsy" or "Go Your Own Way". In "Do not Stop", which is in addition part of it, it is indeed a matter that one should not waste his time, just look back, but rather should think about tomorrow. But that is not so easy for a band like Fleetwood Mac, which has sold in the past only from the album "Rumours" (1977) 40 million copies. A detailed concert review you read in our Wednesday edition. (Gun)


Rumours, blues and a dream villa in California
by Ulrich Bauer (Original Review)

Photos by Dirk Haun
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(google traslated)
Stuttgart - Once, in the middle of this nearly three-hour concert evening with Fleetwod Mac from 9500 visitors in Stuttgart Schleyer Halle Stevie Nicks holds a long story that goes beyond the character of an interim announcement out. She tells of the early days, as she has met with the guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, as they have the time, was added at the beginning of the seventies, the first albums together. And how then is the moment, has the Mick Fleetwood offered at a session "power but with Fleetwood Mac". Lindsay Buckingham, the songwriter and guitarist, briefly considered and then said, "Only with my girlfriend." Yes, of course. Anyway.

Ah, true love! Hansel and Gretel. Touching. "Lindsay, tell me what". The two have together with and as Fleetwood Mac recorded the album "Rumours". Published in 1977. A legendary part. Although musically it brought nothing exciting. A milestone in the commercial pop history. There are probably 40 million albums, which they have sold it.

And now they play, "Second Hand News" as the opening track, much like the time on this album. In the middle of the core of the band, but without the keyboard player Christine McVie. Right, on its own pedestal, two singers are visible and left two auxiliary musicians. Nevertheless, the sound is not bloated. Mick Fleetwood, founder and drummer of the band, with his beard now looks like a funny Burggraf from. The 66 year old has to struggle righteous and beats his stuff sometimes quite shaky. In addition, the old champ John McVie on bass as Knappe, completely unobtrusive and stoic: the two rhythm servants of the company Fleetwood Mac.

Formerly a blues band - and today?