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Saturday, October 26, 2013

TONIGHT: Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam @ZiggoDome. LAST SHOW Europe! Give Them a GREAT Send Off!

One more European show to go this Saturday night in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome and that's it for the European leg of the tour. Fleetwood Mac then take a short, but I'm sure a much needed, two week break before regrouping in Sydney, Australia for a string of dates through the country beginning November 10th. The Australian / New Zealand leg of the tour concludes in Auckland, New Zealand on December 7th. Fleetwood Mac are scheduled to play in Sydney (2 shows), Brisbane (2 shows), Melbourne (2 shows), Perth (2 shows), Adelaide, Geelong, Hunter Valley and Auckland (3 shows) before heading back to the US for their final public show this year December 30th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

If you are one of the privileged ones that will be seeing the band in Amsterdam on Saturday, their last Euro show... Give them a great send off and have a blast at the show!!

"Without You" Intro... Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 23, 2013

"Without You" intro Stuttgart, Germany Oct 14 2013
These intros are long... but who cares, I think they're entertaining - especially this one... You never know what your going to get like in Stuttgard, Germany... This intro is way out of the ordinary from all the other intros... 

Stevie says after Lindsey's part of the intro (a little testily), "Can I just add... in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in... that for 5 years previous to that, I washed your jeans...sewed moons and stars on them... fringed them... Ironed your t-shirts... Made your house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress and a cleaning lady... and ALSO loved you."  Lindsey's response to this is just as funny... but it all ends sweetly.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Stockholm... Myten förvandlas till trist nostalgi

So good was Fleetwood Mac at the Globe in Stockholm
by Joacim Persson
Concert in Globen, Stockholm . Attendance : 10,024 people.

(google translated)
Fleetwood Mac 2013 is of course a completely different band than the wrenching chaos that made " Rumours " to one of the world 's most successful albums . When was the band five explosive egos , each with unique stage charisma. Now it features slowing .

But even if the Globe gig will be powerless , lengthy and inflexible sometimes makes Fleetwood Mac a warm worthy cavalcade primarily through the classical second half of the 70s. Often with an authentic and beautifully forgiving mood on stage.
Bright attack

Today, Lindsey Buckingham band's natural center. The voice never wavering , his nylon acoustic attack on " Big Love" is still shining and the guitarist really shines in its discharge in the " I'm so afraid ."

Sitting on the floor Humbly, he controls the entire evening .

Finest is to see how Lindsey after just over two hours constant on stage still lingers when "World turning" turns into Mick's insanity gambit to drum solo .

In a corner with his legs stretched out across the floor , he sits through the flapping stroke and Micks almost inaudible galenmumlande the mic.

I imagine that he enjoys . To Lindsey knows that Mick drumming will not be there forever.

The entire globe is holding its breath As he faces the very last encore baring similar thoughts about Stevie Nicks , after their nearly lifelong relationship with each other .

Then do the former lovers a huge beautiful " Say Goodbye " together. It is eerily quiet in the Globe.

There are new pictures to remember Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac is left - type. The myth becomes dreary
Dagens Nyheter-Oct 25, 2013

(google translated)
Sometimes it's harder than usual to ignore the constructed in the situation. Many of the bands that fill stadiums and supporting the summer festivals are old now and their catalogs are from another time, but the added value still exists in old mytbyggen, designs created in a different era and a different time in artists' lives.

Fleetwood Mac is a band whose charge once consisted of equal parts mutual friction, cocaine and brilliant pop music. They sold 100 million albums , toured around the world and managed to be both monumentally successful and stand for any kind of artistry at the same time .

But what remains apart from the obvious? Fleetwood Mac is still in physical form, they stand there on the Globe stage, playing music and sounds in any respect as they have always done and as they did then. The bands formula and their narrative is also somewhat intact. It conveys still the story of a band that changed London to Los Angeles, reinvented themselves, became monumentally successful, torn apart by internal love affairs and breakups , drugs and luxury consumption.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Live in Stockholm: The Best.. The Worst.. and What Surprised + 81 Photos

Fleetwood Mac Live in Stockholm, Sweden
October 23, 2013 - Ericsson Globe Arena
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Fleetwood Mac - a bunch of survivors
SvD Kultur

(google translated)
Fleetwood Mac, the well-playing soft rockers from the 1970s, has gone from being a band that Stevie Nicks was one of the members to be the veritable, mardi gras-style parade vehicle for Nick to come. Her iconic status in contemporary music has grown in a way that the last few years, if not come to overshadow the band's influence, at least match it.

When Fleetwood Mac are now returning to Stockholm Globe Arena is exactly 35 years since they released
"Rumours," one of the best selling popskivorna ever, with Nicks at the height of his älvlika, patschulidoftande, poetically responsive capability.

The concert begins also with "Second Hand News," the first song from the album, and the crowd cheers when Nicks voice enters the song's third line and a spotlight reveals her already on the stage, dressed in black chunks and a microphone and tambourine covered with lace and beads. The selection seems to be done with Nick in mind - "Dreams," "Rhiannon," "Landslide". The load noticeable though. Nicks struggling on high heels and after a while it feels like a bar stool and a glass of water would have been better accessories.

The band has at times been a record company's wet dream (extremely easy to listen to, well played music) and worst nightmare (lovebirds with addictive personalities) and Lindsey Buckingham reveals that emotions are answered. He explains how the record companies' working method is to "Find something that works, and then suck the life out of it." During his time as a band Fleetwood Mac has seen itself forced to undermine the method, and the album "Tusk" was one such attempt. Buckingham sings "Not that funny" from that particular disc, and Nick gets a much-needed breaks.

The sound is loud and big, and even though the band actually has aged, it sounds good - it's like the whole point of Fleetwood Mac. Mick Fleetwood drum kit looks like a moving van on the way from a drummer collective, which include a huge gong, and even the cheesy screensaver projected in the fund behind the band feels okay. The nostalgic "Landslide" also becomes years and the experiences that have changed and deepened Nick's voice into a strength.

So so what if they play for over two and a half hours, and it feels like 30 minutes of that time is of the Stevie Nicks tells a long and confused story that I think maybe about vacuuming, outdated music formats, and possibly even a little of copyright infringement. They're both great musicians and a bunch of survivors. Nicks is a true hippie, with all the lifestyle entails, transported to our present day. It's almost as if Charlie Chaplin would step out of the screen in all its black and white glory. It plays like no matter what she says, just that she is here, and she can actually talk, goes a long way.