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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elizabeth Hopkins talks working with Lindsey Buckingham. #FleetwoodMac @DeltaRae

Delta Rae’s Elizabeth Hopkins Talks “Chasing Twisters” And Working With Lindsey Buckingham
by David Weiner
Emertainment Monthly

WORKING WITH LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM: Rob Cavallo, our producer said, “Hey, did my assistant tell you the news? Well, I don’t know if you guys know Fleetwood Mac?” Do we know Fleetwood Mac? Of course we do, they’re one of our favorite bands. “Well I’m really good friends with Lindsey Buckingham and I had him over for dinner the other night and he asked to hear what I was working on.” Rob then tells us Lindsey started noodling around on our song and Rob stopped the song and was just like, “Lindsey would you mind if I laid that down?” And he was like, “Sure.” It was enough for us just the fact that Lindsey Buckingham liked our music, but that he was inspired enough to play on it was incredible.

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Covering Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain"

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lindsey Buckingham Featured on New Delta Rae Single "If I Loved You"

Delta Rae have released their new single on iTunes today. Lindsey Buckingham recorded a Veillette guitar for the new single version of “If I Loved You,” which replaced the original guitar track underneath Liz Hopkins’ vocals.

 "If I Loved You" feat. Lindsey Buckingham.  Check out the original album version vs the single version featuring Lindsey below so you can see the differences in the tracks.
Delta Rae Featuring Lindsey Buckingham "If I Loved You" (Single Version)