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Friday, May 02, 2014

Australia TV Alert: @StevieNicks @FleetwoodMac and Lindsey Buckingham in May

Oprah's Master Class with Stevie Nicks 

Channel 128 Discovery Health
Saturday 3 May, 2014 1:30pm
Sunday 4 May, 2014 8:30am

Soundstage: Fleetwood Mac
Join MAX as we bring you an exclusive Fleetwood Max event that takes you closer than no other.

Channel 805 MAX - Duration 90 mins.
Sunday 4 May, 2014 8:30 am
Monday 5 May, 2014 7:00 pm.
Tuesday 6 May, 2014 6:00am.

Talks Music with Lindsey Buckingham

Channel 132 Studio - Duration 60 mins.
Wednesday 14, May, 2014 5:30pm
Thursday 15, May, 2014 4:00am
Thursday 15, May, 2014 1:30am

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Oprah's Master Class with Stevie Nicks airs Sunday, April 6th at 8, 9 and 10am - TLC UK

TLC on Sky in the UK will air the Oprah Master Class episode with Stevie Nicks Sunday, April 6th at 8am, 9am and 10am. This episode with Stevie originally premiered in North America in March, 2013.  Exceptional show and Stevie's episode was really interesting, revealing and touching... Tune in!

Singer Stevie Nicks chats to Oprah about her mother's death, her partnership with band mate Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac and the mistakes she has made.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stevie Nicks Recalls Split With Lindsey Buckingham via @rollingstone

Stevie Nicks Recalls Split With Lindsey Buckingham
Fleetwood Mac singer gets candid in upcoming interview with Oprah

MARCH 21, 2013 2:40 PM
Stevie Nicks gets candid in an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, talking about music, her struggles with addiction and the recent death of her mother on Oprah's Master Class this Sunday, March 24th.

More at Rolling Stone

Stevie Nicks Talks Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll on 'Oprah's Master Class'
The legendary Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter opens up about her compelling life.
Yahoo TV

Click this link to watch more video from the show

On Sunday night's "Oprah's Master Class," Fleetwood Mac's legendary lead singer, Stevie Nicks, will open up about her compelling life, and no topic is off-limits, including her drug use at the height of her success.

In this sneak peek, Nicks says, "I used to carry a gram of cocaine in my boot at all times." Reflecting back at herself during that period, she confronts the memory, asking, "Could you have just laid off the brandy and the coke and the pot for two days?" -- admitting that she didn't look beautiful; she looked high.

But drug use didn't hinder her success, and neither did her failing personal relationship with her musical partner Lindsey Buckingham. As Fleetwood Mac wrapped its No. 1 album "Rumours," she broke up with Buckingham, insisting that their focus should be on the success of the band: "Our breaking up is not going to break up this band. And I'm not going to quit and neither are you," Nicks told him. "The band was way more important than each separate person's problems. And we knew that."

Nicks says that if she and Buckingham hadn't joined Fleetwood Mac, their lives would have been dramatically different, and they probably would have gotten married and had a child.

But fate took them in a different direction: They did join the iconic band, which had existed for nearly 10 years before Nicks and Buckingham were brought in. "And then, bang, Mick [Fleetwood] called. And life changed. Overnight," Nicks says. After buying Fleetwood Mac's existing records and listening to them twice, Nicks says that she told Buckingham, "I think that we can add to this band. I think that, you know, I think they have a real kind of witchy side that would appeal to us."

Buckingham was more skeptical, instead wanting to finish the album the duo had started and even go back to school, but Nicks would have no part of that. She wanted to join Fleetwood Mac, and the rest is history.

In the interview, Nicks also addresses her unflinching decision-making nature -- and it all began with her endlessly supportive mother: "My mom would always say to me, 'You'd better be the president of your company, or the lead singer of your band, or the boss. Because you don't like to be told what to do.' And she was totally right." And while her mother encouraged her to do whatever she wanted, she was also strict. As Nicks says, "She was hard on me in a lot of ways because she wanted me to be independent. ... And she wanted me to be fearless."

Monday, March 18, 2013

SNEAK PEAK: Oprah's Master Class with Stevie Nicks Sunday 10/9c on OWN

Stevie Nicks - Master Class
Watch Oprah's Master Class with Stevie Nicks on Sunday, March 24, at 10/9c on OWN.
You don't want to miss this!

Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks discusses her mother's death, her legendary musical partnership with Lindsey Buckingham, and Fleetwood Mac. Plus, Stevie opens up about the mistakes she has made, including marrying her friend's husband and her battle with drug addiction.

For more on Oprah's Master Class, visit 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stevie Nicks on TV... Saturday!

Photo by Katie Cook
CMT Hot 20 Countdown

Katie Cook - Host of CMT's Hot 20 Countdown show will be interviewing Stevie Nicks with Lady Antebellum this Saturday, with a repeat of the show on Sunday... Check your local listings:

Great interview w/ @ladyantebellum & Stevie Nicks! We have a pregnancy update w/ Hillary on this weekend's Hot20 @CMT

Saturday, February 2nd - 11:30 AM
Sunday, February 3rd - 11:30 AM


Oprah's Master Class with Stevie Nicks will air on March 24th on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Video: First Look: STEVIE NICKS on Season 3 of Oprah's Master Class - Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah's Master Class tells the stories you've never heard from the people you thought you knew best. Hand-picked by Oprah for their unique impact on the world, true modern masters share their successes, failures, triumphs, disappointments and heartbreaks. Season 3 will feature entertainers Alicia Keys and Stevie Nicks, supermodel/entrepreneur Cindy Crawford, renowned journalist Tom Brokaw and more.

Watch the season premiere of Oprah's Master Class on Sunday, March 3, at 10/9c.

For more on Oprah's Master Class, visit

Find OWN on TV at

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Oprah's "Master Class" returns in March. Unique first-person series to feature Stevie Nicks

New episodes of "Oprah's Master Class" and "Oprah's Next Chapter" will feature such household names as Drew Barrymore, Alicia Keys and LL Cool J, among others.
Hollywood Reporter

Sheri Salata and Erik Logan, presidents, OWN, showcased the upcoming 2013 schedule at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Along with announcing four new original series being added to it's schedule later this year, Oprah's "Master Class" The unique first-person series returns in March with the stories you've never heard from the people you thought you knew best, including Alicia Keys, Stevie Nicks, Tom Brokaw and more.

OWN Network

You may recall that back in September, 2012 a film crew from OWN was at Stevie's live show in St. Petersburg at The Mahaffey Theater filming the show to be used in some way on "Master Class".  Check out the post here.

[Updated Jan 9th]
Jon Sinclair who works for Harpo Tweeted the following:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

STEVIE NICKS on Oprah's Master Class... Would be brilliant!

Sheri Salata, Executive Producer at Oprah Winfrey's Network OWN, tweeted earlier today that she's 
"hoping to shoot the brilliant and legendary Ms. Nicks on Master Class soon."

Does this mean it's something they've been working on, that it's booked, or is it just a 'hope' of Ms. Salata's?

In any case... I love the idea of Stevie appearing on the show... I've caught a few of the episodes of the show myself and have to say that these shows are extremely interesting, thought-provoking presentations of each guest featured.  Each episode of Oprah's Master Class focuses on one person's journey or story thus far, what they've learned in life and about themselves and what others can learn from their experiences.  Each person is hand-picked by Oprah for their unique impact on the world.  

Stevie certainly has had a unique impact on the world over the last 35 or so years and I think she's the perfect candidate to be featured.  Don't you?  Sound off in the comments.

Stay tuned!!  Follow Sheri Salata on Twitter @SheriSalata

For more on Oprah's Master Class, visit their website

Thanks @SteviesSara!