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Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Tonight, I've got Lindsey Buckingham's girlfriend," said Grohl when Introducing Stevie Nicks

Dave Grohl's Sound City Players Debut at Sundance Film Festival 

And then Stevie. Oh, Stevie. As cooky as you are with your sunglasses on inside of this low-lit venue on this blackest of ice-kissed nights, your voice is heart-melting mana. Grohl agreed. Before she came out, he explained her Sound City story, in which Mick Fleetwood asks the studio boss for Lindsey Buckingham's info so he can offer him a place in the Mac, and the boss explains that he'll have to let LB's GF in the band as well. "Tonight, I've got Lindsey Buckingham's girlfriend," said Grohl before trading lines with her on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." Her bewitching quaver brought the room up a few degrees — we noted at least two coat removals during their insanely smooth rendition of "Dreams" — and though the darkly droning Johannes-assisted version of "Gold Dust Woman" was a triumph, the show's greatest moment came just before that resonant close. Suddenly the 12 people onstage became two, and Grohl picked up the night's first acoustic guitar to accompany Nicks on her first big hit, Fleetwood Mac's wistful, weather-appropriate "Landslide." Their duet nearly silenced the rowdy crowd, now four hours deep into their drinks, and even inspired the bathroom attendant to abandon his post and film with his phone. The lines about getting older could've felt literal, but Grohl's era-spanning musical circus of badassery and general excellence made the point that good music: a) is timeless, b) defies genre, and c) is always waiting in the wings — as each of his headliners were at one point or another — for fresh context and a new crowd. CHRIS MARTINS 

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