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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taku Hirano to Re-join Stevie Nicks in May... One Night Only

I'm not sure what Stevie's band configuration is beyond the end of Heart and Soul, I assumed there wouldn't be any changes to the line-up - but it appears for one show at least Percussionist Taku Hirano is back in the band!

Taku Tweeted yesterday that he'll be re-joining his Stevie Nicks family for one show while he's between tours.  Taku will play the May 11th Albuquerue, NM show at the Sandia Casino Amphitheatre.

So Lenny either has other commitments, or it's two percussionists that night... 

Taku has toured extensively with Fleetwood Mac as well as Stevie and Lindsey on their solo tours stretching back to Say You Will in 2003.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010


After being away for a number of years and a couple of tours with Stevie Nicks, Percussionist Taku Hirano is set to play for Stevie once again during the month of August. Taku toured extensively with Fleetwood Mac on their world tour in 2003/2004 and afterwards with Stevie and Lindsey on their various tours in 2005, 2006 & 2007. Taku was last seen with Stevie's band during a string of dates in March, 2007 in Las Vegas after which long time Fleetwood Mac percussionist Lenny Castro took over.

Also... Bass player Al Ortiz posted on his Facebook Page today that Rehearsals are going great and that Waddy had the band run the set almost three times... Everyone is sounding great including Stevie's singing.

First show is this Wednesday August 4th - Santa Barbara, CA.