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Friday, December 18, 2009


Directions to the venue for visitors in New Plymouth




Band plans to duck fans
Taranaki Daily News

Supergroup Fleetwood Mac will attempt a sneaky entrance in to New Plymouth today to avoid mobs that have greeted them during their world tour.

They are playing two sold-out concerts at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands this weekend and are understood to have declined Mayor Peter Tennent's offer of a Maori powhiri, or any type of welcome, when they arrive sometime between 3pm and 5.30pm today.

That is unless band member Stevie Nicks can convince her fellow members to accept the powhiri.

New Plymouth Mayor Peter Tennent said Ms Nicks enjoyed the traditional Maori welcome to Taranaki when she was here in 2006.

"She just loved it, but if they don't want it this time and just want to get in the zone to prepare for their concert, I can understand that and fully support it."

The promoter was still trying to convince the band to accept the welcome and experience the difference between New Zealand and the rest of the world, he said.

The decision to slip quietly into the city is apparently to avoid problems similar to those encountered in other countries, where the sheer number of fans turned their arrival into chaos.

If they do not change their minds, they will be visible to their devoted followers for just a few seconds before the concert – as they leave their chartered plane to get into the cars waiting for them on the tarmac.

But just when that glimpse can be had is a closely-guarded secret.

"I won't know when they are due to arrive until just before they take off from Wellington," New Plymouth Airport manager Kevin Hill said yesterday.

Though most flights are registered weeks and months before, there is no obligation for chartered flights to do the same.

"Basically, all I know is a plane is coming and that it will fit at one of our gates. They pay us landing fees and that is it," said Mr Hill.

Whatever the former notoriously hard-living band decide, they have already had their dressing room requirements filled by venue caterers Eurest.

Though they were tight-lipped about just what those requests were. Bowl manager Adrienne Kensington was allowed to say they were quite ordinary.

"Nothing really odd at all. We've had some weird ones before, but this time we didn't have to go out of the country to get everything they wanted."

The two New Plymouth concerts are the last in the band's 10-month Unleashed tour.

More than 17,000 fans are expected each night at the outdoor venue and New Plymouth is bracing itself for 20,000 visitors from outside the region.


Making life easy for Fleetwood Mac concertgoers
Tips for thousands of out-of-towners descending on New Plymouth for the Fleetwood Mac concerts tonight and tomorrow have been issued by the New Plymouth District Council.

It suggests several ways to get to the concerts at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

Hospitality industry set to keep visitors happy
New Plymouth's hospitality industry is gearing up to showcase the city to visitors this weekend.

Thousands of guests are expected to flood New Plymouth for two concerts in the Fleetwood Mac Unleashed Tour at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands tonight and tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Great shot of Stevie Nicks on pg.3 of the Taranaki Daily News December 17th. Looks to be a shot from 2006 - possibly from the last time she was in New Zealand touring solo.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Taranaki Daily News

New Plymouth's two Fleetwood Mac concerts this weekend will give police and the city a pair of Saturday nights.

But the boys in blue are not expecting any trouble from the 36,000 Fleetwood Mac fans in town for the Saturday and Sunday night concerts.

Senior Sergeant Robbie O'Keefe said police would be treating the Sunday night the same as a Saturday in terms of staff numbers to cope with the influx on fans.

As well as that 10 inner-city bars have applied for special licences to stay open until 2am on Monday morning, so Sunday's concertgoers can keep the good times rolling.

Usually the quietest night of the week, this Sunday will almost certainly see some of the 18,000 fans heading to town around 10pm. "Honestly, we aren't expecting any trouble from them," Mr O'Keefe said. "We'll be there to make sure everyone is having a good time and the CBD remains vibrant and safe for them to do that."

That vibrancy will be visible on the streets longer than usual with most bars extending their outdoor areas for the two nights and keeping them open longer.

Usually such outdoor spots have to move inside by 1am but on Sunday morning they will be allowed until 3am and Monday 2am.

Venture Taranaki's regional tourism man, Paul Stancliffe, said while many people would start arriving in the city today and tomorrow, most of the 20,000 non-Taranaki people expected would be travelling here on Saturday. "With both concerts sold out we can expect town to be saturated with people, hopefully not with rain," he said.

At this stage Saturday's weather is looking to be cloudy and with a small chance of rain. Sunday fares a little better with mostly clear skies.

The decades old supergroup finished the Australian leg of their Unleashed tour last night in Brisbane, with New Plymouth their next gigs.

Reviews of their concerts have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Kathy McCabe, music editor of Sydney's The Daily Telegraph said of the concert "Hit after hit after hit, the setlist would represent the Holy Grail to any band who has only a couple of records under their belt."

The city's two sold-out shows are the group's last in their 10-month global tour but it seems unlikely they will stop playing together.

Rumours are already swirling about a possible US tour with The Eagles next year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Gearing up for grandstand view
Taranaki Daily News

THE six-year-olds of New Plymouth’s Frankley School had mixed opinions of the temporary seating platform installed for the first time over the Bowl of Brooklands lake yesterday.

Work on the much-debated platform began on Monday and should be mostly finished by today.

It adds more than 1000 premium-priced seats to the Bowl’s capacity and will be used at the weekend’s two Fleetwood Mac concerts.

Tickets on the platform cost $320 and Poppy Johnson, 6, reckoned it looked cool.

She particularly liked the light brown plastic seats, which have been used at various venues around the North Island before finding a home here.

Sophie Dempster, 6, also thought the platform looked ‘‘nice’’ but did not know who Fleetwood Mac was and neither did Harry Clegg, 6, who had other things on his mind anyway.

‘‘My friend Cooper is an alien and his parents are too and they have a spaceship under their trampoline,’’ he said, despite Sophia Longstaff, 6, telling him Cooper’s parents had just been joking.

Tina Johnson, mother of Poppy, said she was pleased with the look of the platform though suspected she was one of the few.

‘‘They think it’s against the whole spirit of the Bowl. I think it is a good way to stop the silly buggers jumping in the water and getting electrocuted,’’ she said.

Neale Kendall, the man overseeing the installation of the platform, said his company Acrow Ltd had put in temporary seating in all sorts of venues around the North Island.

However, putting them in over a lake was a first.

‘‘The boys brought up waders, had their tetanus shots, got the insect repellent and sunscreen. This is a job we didn’t want to take lightly.

‘‘We are the last link in the chain and if it doesn’t go right, unfortunately it’s my head on the block. Saying that, I’m very confident it will be OK,’’ he said.

Work on removing the platform will begin on Monday.

Brookland’s Zoo is closing at noon on Saturday and all of Sunday this weekend.

‘‘Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be restricted before the concerts start so the zoo will be closed as well,’’ zoo spokeswoman Eve Cozzi said.

Public vehicles must be out of the zoo’s carpark by noon on Saturday to enable the Bowl’s setup to be finished by the time entry to the venue’s holding areas open at 5pm.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Prime Minister opts out of Fleetwood Mac shows

Missing Mac? Key must be serious

New Zealand's Prime Minister opts out of Fleetwood Mac shows this month to attend Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.

The Copenhagen event clashes with the Fleetwood Mac gig.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Numbers Add Up for Fleetwood Mac
News Release

When it comes to organising two international concerts at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands, it’s all about the numbers.

Such as 3,000 ice creams, 8,000 hot dogs and 50kg of paella.

And 160 food and beverage staff serving along 45m of bar frontage.

“There will be around 35,000 people at the Fleetwood Mac concerts on 19 and 20 December and we’re making sure the food and beverage service goes smoothly,” says Eurest spokesman Craig Elder.

“The largest bar – which will be hard to miss at 18m long – will be at the back of Bowl to help with traffic flow, but overall there’ll be four food and beverage areas and four bars.

“We’ll have beer, wine, soft drinks and coffee available as well as food ranging from vegetarian options to doughnuts.

“It’ll be a couple of very busy nights but we’re ready to help make the concerts an amazing experience for the audience.”

Fleetwood Mac fans are travelling to the Bowl from the USA, Australia, the UK and Ireland, with two-thirds of concert-goers coming from outside the region.

Air New Zealand is putting on six additional flights that weekend to transport visitors to and from the district. There are 10,000 extra travellers expected by car via SH3 from the north, and 10,000 extra via SH3 from the south

A train from Wellington will bring 450 people to the city on Saturday evening with the visitors leaving directly after the concert.

NPDC Manager Customer Services Cathy Thurston says there are 170 volunteers so far for the Fleetwood Mac weekend to help visitors with information and advice.

“However we need 105,000 ambassadors for the region,” she says.

“Every one of us can play a part in helping the 25,000 visitors from outside Taranaki have an incredible experience here, which will encourage them to come back for future events.”

Ms Thurston says the logistics around the Fleetwood Mac weekend are challenging, but the businesses and organisations involved are preparing well.

“This will be one of the largest weekends the TSB Bowl of Booklands has ever had, and certainly one of the largest for our hospitality sector.

“Apart from anything else, these preparations for the Fleetwood Mac weekend will be a great dress rehearsal for other big events that are coming up, including the All Blacks vs Ireland test match next year, and the Rugby World Cup 2011.”


Businesses prepare for concerts influx

TARANAKI, prepare for D-Day.

Accommodation providers, cafe and bar owners, transport operators and retailers got their first glimpse yesterday of how the New Plymouth District Council is preparing for the expected arrival of 20,000 visiting Fleetwood Mac fans later this month.

Addressing 50 people at the civic centre in New Plymouth, Venture Taranaki head Stuart Trundle worked hard to make sure they were aware of the true scale of event. ‘‘On December 18, 19, 20 and 21 Taranaki is going to have it’s own D-Day,’’ he said, comparing the coming dates to the massive invasion of Nazioccupied France by the Allies during World War II.

The difference of this event to the ones previously held at the Bowl of Brooklands was the balance of outsiders to locals, he said.

‘‘Two-thirds are usually from Taranaki and one third are honoured guests. This time most of the people at the concert will be away fans . . . Everyone coming up will be putting extra pressure on everything from petrol stations to retail outlets. We say Taranaki is like no other and have to make sure we prove that.

‘‘What we don’t want is people leaving here with [bad] memories,’’ he said.  In order for that to happen the council asked local hospitality big gun Craig Macfarlane to speak about what he had been doing to prepare for the unprecedented influx.

‘‘I’m not doing a lot actually,’’ he joked before getting serious.

‘‘We have to be careful not to underestimate this event because the concerts we have had till now at the bowl, the numbers have been inflated. They said there was 15,000 at Elton John but I don’t for a minute believe there was that many. Now we have 20,000 coming in from outside the province. There is no doubt we will be busy. We will all be busy, from the Daily News Cafe to the cafes in Oakura,’’ he said.

Christchurch pubs and clubs had not prepared properly for the 30,000 people hitting the streets after the Pearl Jam concert last week and punters had been left hungry, thirsty and frustrated, he said.

To avoid this he said increasing staffing levels for the weekend was essential and getting supplies in early would help things flow smoothly.

Council enforcement manager Lloyd Crow said licensed premises especially should make sure they are ready for the Sunday concert and apply for a special liquor licence if need be.  ‘‘Five have done so and if you need to do it you should do it now, or tomorrow, as soon as possible,’’ he said.

Licensed premises will be closed at the usual 3am on Sunday and can remain open, provided they have the special licence, until 2am on Monday.

The council will also be talking with police about the possibility of relaxing the rule to have all outdoor areas brought inside by 1am on both concert nights.


* New Plymouth's CBD liquor ban is to be extended over the weekend of the Fleetwood Mac concerts.

* In addition to the normal operating days (Thursday to Sunday), the ban will be in place from 7pm on Sunday, December 20 to 7am the following day.

* During these hours it will be an offence to be in possession of liquor for consumption within the ban area.

* More signs about the liquor ban extension will be posted in the CBD.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Visitors to get wonderful welcome
Taranaki Daily News

Fleetwood Mac fans wondering where to go at New Plymouth airport next month will have the good ladies of the Bell Block-Puketapu Lions to help them out.

And if all goes well, the ladies will be on hand again to welcome rugby fans to the city's three 2011 rugby World Cup games.

The New Plymouth District Council is organising 200 volunteers to help the city cope with the expected 25,000 visitors for the December 19 and 20 Fleetwood Mac concerts at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Blankets are fine, but forget the picnics.
By JARED SMITH - Taranaki Daily News

Organisers of next month's Fleetwood Mac are assuring concertgoers they don't want them to freeze in the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

Alarm bells began ringing last week after a district council update in the North Taranaki Midweek suggested blankets would be banned from the Bowl.

Bowl manager Adrienne Kensington was quoted as saying that the 17,000 fans who attended on December 19 and 20 should not bring blankets with them.

"People who bring in blankets won't be able to use them for very long because of the crowd size, so we urge people to leave them at home," she said.

Mrs Kensington said her office had received calls from concerned ticket holders worried about keeping warm if it was a cold Taranaki weekend.

In fact, the explanation was that people could not expect to fan out picnic fashion because of the sheer crowd numbers.

Rather than a ban on blankets, it was merely a warning of what to expect. "It was just a suggestion that they do that. It is more or less to inform them they won't be able to spread out," said Mrs Kensington.

"We are going to be packed and people are going to stand up and dance.

"We're not saying, `Don't bring blankets at all'. It's just not a spread."

Beach chairs and large picnic hampers
would not be allowed
and anyone entering the Bowl with them would be asked to return them to their cars, or leave them in the area provided at the gate.

Signs would be put up around the racecourse area informing arrivals of the rules.

Mrs Kensington said similar restrictions were in place in the Bowl during the Elton John concert in 2007, attended by 14,500 people.

Each Fleetwood Mac concert would have another 2500 in the crowd, plus the 1100 on the special seating over the lake.

"The fences are right back, for room to be freed up."

There would be a ban on bringing alcohol
into the Bowl for the concerts.

Mrs Kensington also said no commercial
food would be allowed
because there was a contract with catering company Eurest.

Simple snack food in a backpack was all right, but carrying 10 pizza boxes was not.

First Security would handle the entry points and crowd control on the concert nights.

There would be no parking on Kaimata,
Somerset and Cornwall streets
to accommodate those walking in and out.

Mrs Kensington said more information on conditions of entry to the concerts would be released on websites and advertised in the Taranaki Daily News closer to the concert dates.

Friday, October 16, 2009


You'll find the "Sex, Drugs, Fear and Loathing" article on Fleetwood Mac in the October 17th edition of The Dominion Post (P.24) published in New Zealand.

The article was originally published by The Telegraph in the UK.  You can read it here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diehards flying in from the US and Britain, on what is likely Fleetwood Mac's final concerts ever

(Rather presumptuous of Taranaki Daily News to assume that the last two shows of Fleetwood Mac in New Zealand will be their last...Ever!)

Taranaki Daily News

December's two Fleetwood Mac concerts will bring a $7.5 million bonanza to the Taranaki economy.

The figure comes from a recently-published forecast from Venture Taranaki, which says more than 36,000 fans are expected pass through the gates of the TSB Bowl of Brooklands within a 24-hour period – with more than 25,000 of them from out of the region.

Among those fans will be diehards flying in from the United States and Britain, intent on attending what is likely to be Fleetwood Mac's final concerts ever.

The New Plymouth District Council and VT are forecasting that these visitors will contribute the $7.5 million to the local economy.

This means each visitor will spend roughly $300 each during his or her time here.

The same forecast looks at the value of three rugby World Cup games in New Plymouth in 2011 and estimates those games will bring $5.2 million in visitor money to the economy.

The council's manager of business events Garry Sharpe-Young says the sheer magnitude of the concerts and their guests have prompted several local agencies to form a steering committee to manage the large amount of out-of-towners to the region.

Agencies include the council, VT, Taranaki Chamber of Commerce and the police.

"We have discovered many of the people coming in have never been to New Plymouth before and we want to encourage them to see more of it than just go to the concert and leave," Mr Sharpe-Young said.

"We are also encouraging businesses to stay open during that weekend because the economic impact is just huge. It will be $7.5m plus."

At the REM concert at the Bowl in 2005 Easter licensing laws ruined the party for thousands of fans who hit downtown New Plymouth after the band's concert. Strict liquor licensing laws forced bars to close early, with many bar owners feeling they missed out on the fun.

But this time around, with more than twice the crowd likely to hit the town after Fleetwood Mac, local business owners are being encouraged to stay open to cater to the masses.

About 100 people are coming from the US and the United Kingdom, many of them have been following the international group's world tour, which is said to be its last.

"It's a huge opportunity for us to alter people's perception of New Plymouth in a positive way," Mr Sharpe-Young said.

"You could definitively say this is the biggest concert to hit New Plymouth in the last 40 years."

Tickets for Fleetwood Mac's concert on December 19 sold out within minutes when they went on sale last month.

The second concert for December 20 is almost sold out, with only general admission tickets available.

In order to cope with the region's extra guests, volunteer co-ordinator for the steering committee, Moira Irving, says organisers need about 200 volunteers to help with various tasks around the city.

Ad Feedback
"We want volunteers on the walkway and greeting people at the airport, we want them at the park, we just want people to feel sort of overwhelmed at the amazing weekend," Ms Irving said.

"We will have people handing out information and showing them what restaurants will be open, places they might want to go and visit through and make sure it's a whole Taranaki visit, it's not rushing into the concert and then shooting through."

Anyone wanting to become a volunteer should contact Ms Irving at the New Plymouth District Council.

But the region better get used to being overrun by out-of-towners as Mr Sharpe-Young says he intends to bring in a major international act every year.

"There are a few possibilities for early 2010 and more for 2011 and 2012.

"We want to bring in another contemporary act like we did with Jack Johnson."


Auckland: 7000
Wellington: 8000
Waikato: 2500
Manawatu: 2000
Bay of Plenty: 2000
South Island: 2000
West Coast: 32
Taranaki: 10,000
American and UK: 100

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Full Details: Taranaki

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thanks to New Zealand Radio Station Easymix 98.2 and Tim Roxborogh for another Mac Interview.

You can listen to a couple of interview segments from the Easymix 98.2 interview with Mick Fleetwood this morning in New Zealand.

It's funny, and interesting how the story of Lindsey mocking Stevie on stage in New Zealand 30 years ago and chucking a guitar at her, changes every time a different member of the band is asked about memories of their last show there. Now Mick believes it was a lighting rig issue on stage that went on.

I'll go with Stevie's rendition of what went on!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Listen To Easy Mix Thursday, October 1st., Tim Roxborogh To Interview Mick Fleetwood

The rock 'n' roll legend that is Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac ahead of their December tour. Mick will reveal why he believes Stevie Nicks wrote the song "Sara" about him and whether or not there will be a Fleetwood Mac movie.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


No room at inn for Fleetwood fans

The accommodation crush is being felt all over Taranaki as momentum grows for the Fleetwood Mac concerts in New Plymouth.

Home-billets are being organised as hotels and motels put up full-house signs for the December 19 and 20 gigs at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

The Taranaki Daily News has heard anecdotal evidence of people vacating their homes to stay with friends while letting their houses for more than $300 a night.

And the prices are being willingly paid by well-heeled baby boomers who aren't keen on roughing it in the campsite at Pukekura Raceway, where room for 3000 campers has been made available through the council's i-Site Visitor Information Centre.

The Bowl gigs are Fleetwood Mac's final of a world tour and the only New Zealand appearances. The Saturday show on December 19 is a sell-out and the few remaining tickets for the Sunday show are selling fast, New Plymouth District Council events manager Garry Sharpe-Young said yesterday.

These attending the Sunday show are sure to be in for a party atmosphere from the band.

"It's their very final show on the world tour, so they are sure to be letting their hair down and partying after the Sunday concert," he said.

For Wellington fans, a train will travel through to New Plymouth and return to the capital after the Saturday concert. The same is on offer for Cliff Richard and the Shadows on February 27.

Meanwhile, the online scalpers are alive and well. Trade Me last night had 26 sets of tickets advertised for sale, offered by people from all over the country, with tickets up for grabs in all three price ranges.

General admission is $120, silver $250 and A-reserve sells at $320 through Ticketmaster.

The most expensive tickets on Trade Me to date appear to be a $1095 deal for two A-reserve gold tickets including return train travel to and from Wellington.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Beds scarce during Fleetwood Mac weekend

Accommodation for Fleetwood Mac's December 20 concert is almost sold out in New Plymouth, with out-of-towners being referred to Stratford and Hawera for beds.

But those keen on the outdoors will be able to camp a mere two-minute walk from the TSB Bowl of Brooklands where the concert is being held.

The New Plymouth District Council and Taranaki Arts Festival Trust have opened Pukekura Raceway up for camping. The racecourse has room for 3000 people.

Taft chief executive Suzanne Porter says the campsite will be set up the same as it is for Womad.

"If you have come to the Womad campsite, you will know what it's about," she says.

"We have good showers and toilets it's not grungy."

Camping vouchers are available from Ticketmaster today.

For Friday and Saturday nights, the cost is $40 per person and for Sunday night, it's $20 per person.

Many wanting a campsite at the racecourse have already registered at New Plymouth i-SITE Visitor Information Centre for their tickets.

The Saturday, December 19, Fleetwood Mac concert sold out within 10 minutes on Wednesday.

A second concert the next night was announced shortly afterwards, with tickets selling rapidly.

It is likely about 36,000 people will pass through the TSB Bowl of Brooklands gates in a 24-hour period.

Taranaki Motel Association president Deborah Tawa says most New Plymouth motels are fully booked for the Sunday show.

Second show as Fleetwood Mac sells out
Taranaki Daily News

Fleetwood Mac fever hit overdrive yesterday as tickets for the international group's New Plymouth concert on December 19 sold out within minutes.

Promoters immediately announced a second concert for December 20, which means 36,000 people will likely pass through the TSB Bowl of Brooklands gates in a 24-hour period.

Thousands of tickets for the second Sunday show sold within half an hour.

New Plymouth District Council manager of business developments and events Garry Sharpe-Young said organisers anticipated tickets would sell fast.

"The promoter was trying to get hold of all the band managers to see about a second show and it was all very last minute and just in the nick of time," Mr Sharpe-Young said.

"The tickets for the second show are going very well and fast. It's just fantastic for Taranaki and it's great for the venue."

Taranaki Motel Association president Deborah Tawa says there is no motel accommodation for December 19 left in the region.

"We have been frantic," Mrs Tawa said yesterday.

"Accommodation for the first concert is well and truly gone, we filled up in five days two weeks ago."

There are still rooms available for the Sunday concert on December 20 but they are running out rapidly.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Interviewed by Dominic Bowden of TVNZ

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Interviewed by Dominic Bowden of TVNZ

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