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Demand is high - Fleetwood Mac Add Second Auckland, New Zealand Show

Reunited rockers Fleetwood Mac have announced a second show at Auckland's Vector Arena - December 7, 2013 

A press release issued today said demand for pre-sale tickets to the first show was so high, a second show had been added to their tour.

Fleetwood Mac will now perform at Vector Arena on December 6 and 7.

"We are thrilled to return to New Zealand where we've always loved performing. Our fans there are phenomenal," said the band in a statement.

Tickets for both shows go on general release at 9am, June 13.  Live Nation pre-sale tickets are on sale now

Fleetwood Mac
Where: Vector Arena, Auckland
When: December 6 & 7


A big Mac attack - Friday, June 7th

Fleetwood Mac will perform Friday, June 7, at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, which sounds like a terrific reason for a road trip.

The band's 2009 show at the old Amway Arena was an exercise in highly elevated nostalgia. Although that tour was called "Unleashed," the band didn't offer too many wild embellishments on its substantial list of classic songs: "The Chain," "Dreams" "Gypsy," "Rhiannon," "Second Hand News," "Say You Love Me," "Go Your Own Way."

The most spontaneous moments came courtesy of band member Lindsey Buckingham, who segued from intricate finger-picking to fiery guitar-god excesses. His performance foreshadowed a transcendent 2012 solo concert at Plaza Live.  

Buckingham alone would be worth a road trip.

Tickets at Ticketmaster

Orlando Sentinel

Stevie Nicks At Her Most Trippiest - Video

Back to Phoenix 5/30/13.  Stevie takes "Gold Dust Woman" to a whole other level on this tour.... Just amazing!


REVIEWS | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Houston

JUNE 5, 2013

Fleetwood Mac brings music, memories to Houston
by Joey Guerra

Photo by Brian Townley
Somewhere amid the first few songs of Fleetwood Mac’s more than two-hour set Wednesday at Toyota Center, Lindsey Buckingham explained what he called an “axiom” of the music business.

“If it works, run it into the ground and move on,” he said

It was his way of saying that the Mac was most certainly not doing that and a proper introduction to “Sad Angel,” a feisty song from a new EP released in April.

But really, what fans came for were the classics, the unspoken stories, the still-potent chemistry between Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. That’s not running anything into the ground. It’s simply honoring the work.

“Every time we come back together, it’s different,” Buckingham said. “You’d think after this long there would be nothing left to discover. It appears that there are still quite a few chapters left in the book of Fleetwood Mac.”

Indeed, there’s still something exciting about all of these songs. A trio from 1977′s “Rumours” album — “Second Hand News, “The Chain,” “Dreams” — set a celebratory, sensual tone. People crowded around the lip of the stage and stayed there, dancing and singing to every chorus, guitar lick and drum solo. ”Rhiannon” was the final push to get the lower and upper levels out of their seats.

Photo by Alexa
Nicks flowed in her signature scarves and sparkle and told the crowd she’d lived in Texas for five years. (El
Paso, to be exact, when she was a girl.) Buckingham was chatty and excitable, stomping his feet and bending his knees like a kid after hammering into any number of songs.

There was an extended, excellent tribute to the band’s originally misunderstood “Tusk” album that included “Not That Funny,” the thundering title track and Nicks warbling on “Sisters of the Moon.” Much has been made about the change in her vocals, the lowering of keys, the weather of age. But she sounded nothing less than sweet and sincere throughout the evening.

And when she glided over to Buckingham during a heartfelt “Sara,” took his mic for the final line and gave him a hug, there was some bit of unspoken magic between them.

Buckingham was reliably excellent on “Big Love;” “Landslide” is still a deceptively sweet tearjerker; and Nicks did the spin during “Gypsy.” (You know the one.) “Without You,” a lost song from the Buckingham Nicks era, was another highlight. And Nicks was bathed in yellow light and one of many shawls during “Gold Dust Woman.”

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Cancel Ft. Lauderdale and Montreal Shows

Ft. Lauderdale:
Fleetwood Mac has canceled its June 8th show at Fort Lauderdale’s BB&T Center, according to concert promoter Live Nation.

The group had a scheduling conflict according to the Live Nation statement.

The band will resume its tour on June 10 in Atlanta.
Refunds are available at point of purchase.

The Fleetwood Mac show June 18th is canceled at the Bell Centre.

Fleetwood Mac's show to be presented on June 18th at the Bell Centre must be canceled due to a scheduling conflict. Ticket holders can obtain a refund of the purchase intitial issue.

Promoters are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

Le spectacle du 18 juin est annulé / Centre Bell. 
Le spectacle de Fleetwood Mac qui devait être présenté le 18 juin au Centre Bell, doit être annulé en raison d’un conflit d’horaire.  Les détenteurs de billets peuvent obtenir un remboursement au point d’achat intitial.

Les promoteurs sont désolés des inconvénients occasionnés par cette annulation.

REVIEWS | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Dallas 6/4

JUNE 4, 2013

Fleetwood Mac: Timeless music creates a rush of emotions that never get old
By Mario Tarradell / Music Critic
The Dallas Morning News + Photo Gallery

I got caught in the “Landslide.”

No matter how many times I’ve heard that song, both on CD and in concert, it never fails to create a rush of emotions for me. That’s one of those songs that has greater meaning each time I hear it. Stevie Nicks never fails to make me reflect and reminisce.

So when she sang “Landslide” Tuesday night before a packed American Airlines Center, with Fleetwood Mac band mate Lindsey Buckingham on acoustic guitar, I got lost in memories. I felt my eyes watering. Then I smiled. That is the power of timeless music.

Monday, June 03, 2013

2nd Screening Added of "Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams" - RIO Theatre #Vancouver June 16th

JUST ADDED: Second screening of Stevie Nicks' documentary STEVIE NICKS: IN YOUR DREAMS to take place on Sunday, June 16 at 7:00 pm. Tickets $8/$10 at the door.

via Rio Theatre - Vancouver.

The first screening takes place Monday, June 10th at 7 and 9:30pm.  Purchase Tickets in Advance


Also screening the same night is Dave Grohl's "Sound City" Documentary at 9:30pm.  Stevie, Mick and Lindsey are all featured in the film.

If you can't make it a theatre night... Both films are available to purchase.  "In Your Dreams" is available in the U.S. and Canada on iTunes and "Sound City" is available at Amazon

Fleetwood Mac Live in Denver... If you didn't make the show here's what you missed!

Fleetwood Mac at the Pepsi Center, 6-1-13 (photos, review)
By Matt Miller

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham held hands as they walked onto stage at the Pepsi Center on Saturday night. Here is a relationship in flux for decades — one that has inspired some of Fleetwood Mac’s most memorable works of heartbreak and romanticism — and it may finally be in a comfortable place. What followed was a reflective and ambitious two and a half hour set from the nearly complete “Rumors” lineup of Nicks, Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.

Check out the full review and photo gallery at Reverb

GOLD DUST WOMAN - Can't get over how great this song is live on this tour!

MORE Video of the show here

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The stadium-sized psychodrama begins once again, "This war is pretty good!"

UNCUT Magazine - June, 2013 issue

Direct Link To Review

REVIEW | PHOTOS | VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Denver at the Pepsi Center

JUNE 1, 2013

Fleetwood Mac goes on and on in Denver, kinda like Beethoven
by Ray Mark Rinaldi
Photo by Scott Hastings

If you compared the crowd that was downtown this Saturday night to see Fleetwood Mac with the crowd downtown last Saturday night to hear the Colorado Symphony, you wouldn’t find that much difference.

Both audiences were up there in terms of age, mostly old enough to have grandchildren, and overwhelmingly caucasian, maybe 90 percent, if you can actually guess those things by looking.

The Pepsi Center folks drank more alcohol, and didn’t turn off their phones, and the orchestra attendees were way better-dressed and polite enough not to shout “We love you Stevie Nicks” while the singer was actually trying to perform. But the two sets shared one key element: enthusiasm. The ovations were made standing in both houses and that basic human need to be sated by very familiar music  – whether guitar-driven or violin-driven — was never in doubt.

Who would have thought 35 years after the band started playing, people would still be interested in hearing Fleetwood Mac. Or that the musicians, rich, adored and legacy secured, would still be interested in playing. 

But there it was Saturday at Pepsi, the house visibly sold out, the players up there rocking out, in earnest, and in appealing way that went way beyond nostalgia. They’re still very talented pop stars, attractive, energized, envied.  If classical music isn’t selling the way it was a few decades ago, don’t blame Beethoven. Blame rock ‘n’ roll for not giving up its hold on fans, for staying competitive for those concert dollars even when everyone, on stage and off, is old enough to retire.

That was especially true with Fleetwood Mac. Who played 22 songs for 2 hours and 41 minutes, with all but two of them from their vast catalog of hits. The band stayed in there, delivering pretty much all of the quirky and sure personality they are known for.

Lead guitarist Lindsey Buckhingham, 63, but with the lean body of a 30-year-old and a Hollywood tan, pulled off heroic solos, particularly on “Looking Out for Love.” Drummer Mick Fleetwood, 65, shouted, sweated and banged the night away. He held the stage, just by himself, for maybe 10 long minutes around “World Turning” during the extended encore.

Stevie Nicks, 65 last Sunday, worked her tambourine, and those scarves and gold chains tied to her microphone, and her lacey shawls and finger-less gloves and threw her guttural voice out like a rock star. After three decades of performing “Gold Dust Woman” and “Dreams,” the routine is down. She stills does her famous spinning moves on cue, (though just 14 careful turns Saturday eve), but she chooses her earthier moments like a pro and goes for it. She remains amazing to watch on stage.

Fleetwood Mac concerts used to be rowdier, more drugs, more screams, more dancing. Back in the day, half the women showed up in gauzy, Stevie Nicks drag. Last night, there were only a few gals rocking the high boots and bandanas, though it was good to see them.

But like a night at the orchestra, it all seemed unfailingly appropriate. The show started on time and the sound was at a reasonable level. The between-song chatter was about the importance of family. There were lots of sentimental tales of the band in its early days. It was kinda nice.

Some people would see that as the death of rock ‘n’ roll, no anger, no danger, no cigarette lighters, no youthful vibe, really. But rock has always taken its real strength from its humanity; its naturalness, rather than its costume-driven rawness. Natural, three decades in, isn’t as loud, and not as much beer gets spilled in the floor, but it has its own sort of enthusiasm, and it goes on and on and on.

It came, it went, it was truly great!

Last night Robert and I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert. We bought tickets 9 or so months ago, so it has been in the back of my mind that June 1st would be a spectacular night. And they did not disappoint!

Read the full post at outsidelookingin

Above photos by Scott Hastings

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Ticket Prices + VIP Packages: Fleetwood Mac Live in Australia | New Zealand

November 10th - December 6th

ALL Ticket prices and VIP Package costs have been announced.  The American Express pre-sale begins 12pm (local time) Tuesday 4 June 2013 and the Pre-sale ends: 6am (local time) Friday 7 June 2013.

Pre-sale is open to all American Express Cardmembers. Password: AMEX

VIP Packages are available for all capital city shows. Packages are not available for the two winery shows. These do not include Mick Fleetwood Meet and Greets. These VIP Packages have a few extras that the Mick Fleetwood VIP Package didn't include - see below.  With these VIP Packages and the prices they are charging without a Meet and Greet, it begs the question: Is Mick not offering his Meet and Greet packages in Austraila/New Zealand? At the moment, it appears he isn't. There are ticket links posted at mickfleetwoodofficial but no links to VIP Packages are available.  This may change in the coming days.  If they do become available, and they are sold at the rates charged on the rest of the tour it would be far less than the VIP Packages offered below - and they include meeting Mick!

Both winery shows (Hope Estate and Geelong) have announced packages that are available through the venue directly.

Tickets can be purchased either through Live Nation, or
Ticketek is selling for the below venues only.  
November 19th - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
November 22nd - Perth Arena
November 26th - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
December 2nd  - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

There will likely be more dates announced possibly for both Australia and New Zealand, there are just too many large gaps between shows.

Fleetwood Mac Hollywood Bowl: Anglo-American quartet transcends nostalgia with fresh, powerful performances

Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl
The Anglo-American quartet transcends nostalgia with fresh, powerful performances
By Melinda Newman

HOLLYWOOD – “It smells like you guys are having a good time,” guitarist Lindsey Buckingham yelled into the sold-out crowd of nearly 20,000 at the May 25th Fleetwood Mac concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Indeed, it was clear that many boomers decided to relive their high school and college days as the smell of pot wafted through the amphitheater onto the stage.

Opening with the one-two “Rumours” punch of “Second Hand News” and “The Chain,” the band wasted no time diving into essential hits that the audience had come to hear, while still trotting out enough deep cuts, such as “Sisters of the Moon,” and “Eyes of the World,” to satisfy the most ardent of longtime Fleetwood Mac fans.