Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lindsey Buckingham Live At The Bass Performing Hall

Some pretty exciting news...

Beginning Sunday October 14th (with repeat broadcasts on October 15th and October 21st) HD.Net will be broadcasting the world premier of Lindsey Buckinghams forth coming DVD "Live At The Bass Performing Hall". A one half hour interview presedes the show with Matt Pinfield's "Sound Off". This should be an excellent concert... For those that have seen Lindsey on his recent "Under The Skin" tour - you know what the man is capable of on guitar...

This is going to be sweet... The DVD release of this show has yet to be announced officially, although word is that it's supposed to be out by the end of this year.

Sound Off with Matt Pinfield - Premiere
Lindsey Buckingham - This week Matt chats with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Lindsey Buckingham. Topics include his time with Fleetwood Mac, his successful solo career, and his latest album entitled Under The Skin.

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Lindsey Buckingham - Live At The Bass Performing Hall - Premiere
Multi-platinum artist and lead vocalist and lyricist of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay Buckingham delights the privileged sold-out audience at the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, with a memorable performance. Spectators are treated with a soulful acoustic tribute that samples from the wealth of Buckingham's musical career including the classic songs "Tusk", "Go Your Own Way" and "Holiday Road."

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