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Stevie Nicks Postpones Hersheypark Stadium Show

Stevie Nicks' performance scheduled for Saturday June 15th at Hersheypark Stadium was postponed less than two hours before the show was set to begin due to “illness in the band,” according to a Hersheypark Stadium. Nicks’ performance is being rescheduled for a later date, which has not been announced as of Saturday. Hersheypark Stadium is advising all customers to keep their tickets while a new date is worked out. 

Friday, June 14, 2024

20th Century Lindsey Buckingham Out Now!

The "20th Century Lindsey" Box Set by Lindsey Buckingham, comprises his first trio of solo albums in the 20th century along with eight exclusive bonus tracks is out now! 

Available June 14th as a deluxe 4-LP vinyl collection (and on digital formats). The vinyl is ONLY available from Rhino and is limited to 3,000.

The 4-CD edition is set to release on August 16, 2024. The boxed set includes:

1. "Law and Order" (1981)
2. "Go Insane" (1984)
3. "Out of the Cradle" (1992)
4. "20th Century Rarities" (Compilation of rare tracks)

All three studio albums have undergone remastering in 2017, ensuring optimal sound quality from the original master tapes. The "20th Century Rarities" LP comprises eight coveted bonus tracks.

"Law and Order" (1981): Buckingham's inaugural solo venture showcases his distinctive songwriting and production prowess, with him assuming nearly all instrumental duties. Notable tracks include the top 10 hit "Trouble," featuring Mick Fleetwood on drums, alongside gems like "Mary Lee Jones" and "It Was I."

"Go Insane" (1984): Embracing experimentation, this album features standout tracks such as the titular "Go Insane" and the poignant "Slow Dancing." The title track soared to No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100, while "I Want You" captivates with its intricate harmonies and innovative production.

"Out of the Cradle" (1992): Regarded as one of Buckingham's finest works, his third solo effort dazzles with tracks like "Countdown," "Soul Drifter," and "Wrong." Praised for its intricate guitar compositions and groundbreaking production, the album garnered widespread critical acclaim.

"20th Century Rarities": This compilation of eight rare tracks is a treasure trove for enthusiasts, featuring elusive mixes and contributions to soundtracks such as:
  • “Holiday Road” (National Lampoon's Vacation 1983)
  • “Dancin’ Across The USA” (National Lampoon's Vacation 1983)
  • “Go Insane” – Extended Remix
  • “Slow Dancing” – Extended Version
  •  “Time Bomb Town”  (Back to the Future, 1985)
  • “Soul Drifter” – Radio Remix
  • “On The Wrong Side” (With Honors, 1994)
  • “Twisted” – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham (Twister, 1996)
Notably, the extended version of "Slow Dancing" makes its digital debut nearly four decades after its initial release as a 12" single in Europe. Showcasing Buckingham's mastery of layered production and infectious melodies, it stands as a testament to his enduring creativity.

Explore the "20th Century Lindsey" Box Set to delve into Buckingham's distinct songwriting, intricate guitar craftsmanship, and trailblazing production across a plethora of tracks. This collection shines a well-deserved spotlight on his solo oeuvre, often overshadowed by his contributions to Fleetwood Mac, celebrating its fusion of daring experimentation, memorable hooks, and raw emotional depth.

20th Century Lindsey Bundle (4LP)
Visit the Lindsey Buckingham store at Rhino to order

Bundle includes:
• 20th Century Lindsey (4LP) + Litho 

The 20th Century Lindsey (4CD) boxed set does not include a litho bundle.

The 4CD version is showing up on Amazon in the UK, US and Germany along with HMV in the UK. 

We’re taking you inside the new Lindsey Buckingham collection of his solo music created between 1981 and 1992, including rarities and soundtrack songs! Featuring hits including TROUBLE, GO INSANE and of course, The National Lampoon’s VACATION classic, HOLIDAY ROAD, it’s all things Buckingham on the latest episode.


Law and Order
LP One
Side One
1. “Bwana”
2. “Trouble”
3. “Mary Lee Jones”
4. “I’ll Tell You Now”
5. “It Was I”
Side Two
1. “September Song”
2. “Shadow Of The West”
3. “That’s How We Do It In L.A.”
4. “Johnny Stew”
5. “Love From Here, Love From There”
6. “A Satisfied Mind”
Go Insane
LP One
Side One
1. “I Want You”
2. “Go Insane”
3. “Slow Dancing”
4. “I Must Go”
5. “Play In The Rain”
Side Two
1. “Play In The Rain (Continued)”
2. “Loving Cup”
3. “Bang The Drum”
4. “D.W. Suite”
Out of the Cradle
LP One
Side One
1. “Instrumental Introduction To
2. “Don’t Look Down”
3. “Wrong”
4. “Countdown”
5. “All My Sorrows”
6. “Soul Drifter”
7. Instrumental Introduction To
8. “This Is The Time”
9. “You Do Or You Don’t”
Side Two
1. “Street of Dreams”
2. Spoken Word Introduction To
3. “Surrender The Rain”
4. “Doing What I Can”
5. “Turn It On”
6. “This Nearly Was Mine”
7. “Say We’ll Meet Again”
20th Century Rarities

LP One
Side One
1. “Holiday Road”
2. “Dancin’ Across The USA”
3. “Go Insane” – Extended Remix
4. “Slow Dancing” – Extended Version
Side Two
1. “Time Bomb Town”
2. “Soul Drifter” – Radio Remix
3. “On The Wrong Side”
4. “Twisted” – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham 

Stevie Nicks, casts her inviting incantations over the Top 40 airwaves

For the week ending June 14, 1980, "Sisters of The Moon", Fleetwood Mac's 4th and final single released from "Tusk" peaked at No.86 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single only lasted 3 weeks on the chart which is the poorest showing in terms of weeks on the Hot 100 chart for any of their singles released that made it onto the chart 

Maybe the track isn't the most radio friendly, but it's still a great track... Cash Box got it right with their review:

The great white witch of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, casts her inviting incantations over the Top 40 airwaves once again on this edited re-mix of the track from the "Tusk” LP. Lindsey Buckingham's guitar notes cry out like a banshee in the night, rising to a fever pitch at the cold close. Mysterious and marvelous, this is prime Mac. - Cash Box 1980

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stevie Nicks Live in Albany, NY June 12, 2024

Concert review: Stevie Nicks, adoring crowd perfect match at MVP Arena
By Jim Shahen Jr., Freelance arts writer

Nearly 10,000 people turned out to see the former Fleetwood Mac singer/solo star play at the MVP Arena on Wednesday night. They were vociferous in their applause throughout the evening, and the enthusiasm was justified as Nicks and her stellar band gave a fantastic 15-song, two-hour performance that touched on all aspects of her legendary career.

After coming out to Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream,” Nicks and band got off to a hot start with a solid version of “Outside the Rain” that segued into a crowd-pleasing rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and her own “If Anyone Falls.”

From there, Nicks slowed down the pace a little and indulged in some personal anecdotes and memories. A tight take on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” was preceded with a story about collaborating with Tom Petty on the smash single, while she prefaced “Gypsy” with a lengthy tale of how she and her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham ended up joining Fleetwood Mac. In theory, a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s iconic “For What it’s Worth” should have felt unnecessary, but Nicks made it relevant to her own body of work by explaining how it was a song she’s wanted to perform since hearing it for the first time as an 18-year-old in 1966.

Nicks’ band was on-point throughout, particularly on a thumping, arena-sized take on “Stand Back.” It would have been the biggest rocker of the evening, if not for main set closer “Edge of Seventeen.” On the latter, lead guitarist (and accomplished sideman) Waddy Wachtel was able to shine. As the band vamped to open up the song, he cut loose with some extended soloing.

To close out the evening, Nicks played a couple of beloved Fleetwood Mac tracks. First up was “Rhiannon,” then a heartfelt, acoustic spin on “Landslide” ended the night. While Nicks sang, the video screen behind her displayed a series of images of her with her former Fleetwood Mac bandmate, the late Christine McVie. Upon its conclusion, Nicks told the adoring audience that the primary way she’s processed the pain of her best friend’s 2022 death is by going back on stage and singing, and thanked the Albany faithful for coming out to the show.

Throughout the evening, Nicks cut a dignified figure on-stage and sang with a vigor and warmth that belied her 76 years. Closing with a musical and spoken tribute to McVie was an elegant capper on an evening centered on songs and memories meaningful to Nicks and just as importantly, made for a moving coda to the Fleetwood Mac story.

Prior to Nicks taking the stage, singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins played a solo acoustic set. The rootsy chanteuse’s 30 minutes or so on-stage was delightful and her cover of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” was excellent.

MOJO Exclusive Stevie Nicks Ends The Rumours "I Can Do Anything I Want Now"

MOJO 369 – August 2024: Stevie Nicks

On sale June 20, 2024

In a rare, exclusive interview, Stevie Nicks relives her rollercoaster ride in rock’n’roll: Fleetwood Mac, solo stardom, lost comrades, Lindsey, and Barbie! 

COVER STORY: STEVIE NICKS The ultimate rock diva on Fleetwood Mac fame, solo stardom, the “lost years” of addiction, and owning the stage, still, at 76. Plus! Mick Fleetwood offers a hymn to her… and a eulogy for his storied band?

THIS MONTH’S COVERMOUNT CD is Second Hand News: The Songs Of Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac. Featuring Stevie Nicks, Primal Scream, The Twilight Singers, Vetiver, Dennis Brown, The Decemberists, Jonathan Wilson, Melvins and more! 

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Fleetwood Mac Rumours and Greatest Hits this week on the Billboard Charts

Fleetwood Mac Charts A Top 10 Hit In America Once Again
Hugh McIntyre
Senior Contributor

Fleetwood Mac can always be found on several Billboard charts. Every week, the band appears on a number of lists of the bestselling and top-performing albums in the country. This time around, in addition to their successful full-lengths, one of the group’s most popular songs is present on one tally…and it’s given them a big hit once again.

“Dreams” rises one rung on the Rock Streaming Songs chart this week. The tune now sits at No. 10 on Billboard’s list of the most-streamed cuts in the U.S. that can be classified as “rock” when it comes to genre.

It’s not odd for a legacy act to see their most successful albums and compilations find space on the Billboard charts…but the same can’t be said for songs. Typically, singles have a shorter shelf life in the U.S. than full-lengths. While it’s not unheard of for a decades-old track to continue to chart, it’s also not common.

“Dreams” has thus far spent 228 weeks on the Rock Streaming Songs chart. The tune once climbed all the way to No. 1 in late 2020, when it went viral and became a smash all over again.

So far, “Dreams” stands as Fleetwood Mac’s only No. 1 on the streaming chart that focuses solely on rock. It’s one of the band’s two top 10s, as “The Chain” peaked at No. 5. Despite having a catalog filled with beloved titles, the band has only sent a trio of tunes to this roster. “Landslide” fills out their three wins, as it previously topped out at No. 14.

This week, “Dreams” is the only new entrant inside the top 10 on the Rock Streaming Songs chart. The other nine tracks that appear within the highest tier on the tally were already present in the region last frame, though there is some movement among the hits.

This week, Fleetwood Mac also appears on at least six other Billboard charts. The band’s masterpiece Rumours is falling on every list it carves out space on, though it’s not down by much on any of them. Their Greatest Hits compilation can also be found on several rosters, though not as many as Rumours.

Rumours and Greatest Hits this week on the Billboard Charts in the US 
(June 15, 2024 Billboard issue)

#6   (3) - Top Catalog Albums
#8   (6) - Top Rock Albums
#10 (6) - Top Vinyl Albums
#10 (8) - Top Rock & Alternative Albums
#19 (13) - Top Album Sales
#33 (32) - Billboard Canadian Top 100 Albums
#36 (31) - Billboard Top 200
#44 (46) - Greatest Hits
#48 (46) - Top Streaming Albums
#181 (178) - Greatest Hits

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Mick Fleetwood's "The Visitor" turns 43

As with any personal achievement worthy of public merit.  "The visitor" began as a dream. And it was Mick Fleetwood's belief in what he would find that finally moved five tons of musical and recording equipment to a little village in Ghana late last December (1980). Then, for the next six weeks, over 200 musicians from all over Ghana gathered in Accra to join with producer Richard Dashut, bassist George Hawkins, guitarist Todd Sharpe, and a Ghanaian percussion section in which the oldest player is 12 years. Mick Fleetwood's dream became a reality. "The Visitor" is Mick Fleetwood's triumph. But it is much more: it is a gift for the world from a place that never stops giving.

Mick Fleetwood "The Visitor"
Released June, 1981
Billboard Top 200 debut at No.140.
Peak Position No.43
14 weeks on the chart.

Singles Released: "You Weren't In Love" and "Walk a Thin Line" (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Ghana's Drumbeats Strike A Fleetwood Nerve

Billboard September 12, 1981

LOS ANGELES - With his first solo album, "The Visitor" which was made in Ghana with African musicians, Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood had at least two goals: to make an African-influenced album that mainstream Western pop audiences would listen to and to establish a link with Africa that will enable him to record there in future and produce African artists.

"The rest of Fleetwood Mac thought I was going to come back with howling in trees," laughs Fleetwood. "I wanted the album to be accessible. That was the point. If I had come back with a totally African album, I know it would have sat on the shelf in some little record store somewhere like some of these jazz albums. There's really no point in that."

Fleetwood, a fan of various types of percussion, had dreamed of going to Africa to participate with African musicians -for him, many of their rhythms are at the heart of rock music. He wanted to have selected African musicians perform Western songs mixed with traditional African songs. "I had a meeting with a Ghanain professor, a musicologist who was lecturing at UCLA on drum music," recalls Fleetwood.

"He played me tapes of stuff I could expect to hear and I played him stuff that I liked and had played on. I told him I wanted to go and be able to play around with material yet keep it pretty much as it was. We haven't taken any of the African songs and put English words to them or taken the melodies and worked in new words. These are their songs. I asked the professor if this was something he would find appealing or would the people be insulted?" 

With the go-ahead from the professor, Fleetwood prepared to go. The African material was chosen in Africa while the Western songs came from a variety of sources. The single, "You Weren't In Love," comes from Australia. He and coproducer Richard Dashut found it while resting in that country before heading to Africa. "We were in a bar and heard the song. It turned out to be a huge hit for the artist, Billy Fields, but at that time it was just a demo," he recalls. "We asked the bar owner about it and he said that Fields brought it in just for him to play at his restaurant. We looked Fields up the next day."

Traveling with Fleetwood were fellow Western musicians guitarist/vocalist Todd Sharp and bassist /vocalist George Hawkins. Former Fleetwood Mac member Peter Green contributes vocal and guitar overdubs on one track. He doesn't feel this overlaying of Western styles harms the African spirit. "I wanted to participate with them," he says. "I wasn't going to pretend that I was going to learn to play African drum rhythms in two weeks. I wanted to be Mick doing something somewhere else and have people I met do things I wanted to do. I wanted to have them confronted with playing 'Not Fade Away' or whatever."

Fleetwood's work stylistically fits in with what Talking Heads' David Byrne and producer Brian Eno have done in terms of incorporating African rhythms into pop music. However, Fleetwood feels his methods are different.

"Eno was there when I was there. He was up north at a drum festival and he produced a Ghanain hi-life (an electrified form of African music) band. The rest of the time I think he was sitting there with his tape recorder getting ideas. It's healthy but that's not what I wanted to do," he declares.

"I'm not putting him down. I'm sure he has all the good intentions in the world but when you see how easy it is to steal from a certain situation you say `somebody should be putting something back'." 

Part of his "putting something back" includes cutting the African musicians in on the royalties from "The Visitor" and lending credibility to the recently formed Musicians Union in Ghana. In return for the use of Ghana Film Studios, where the LP was recorded, Fleetwood and crew bought $15,000 worth of film for the financially ailing studio. The studio used it to document the Fleetwood trip and the film may air on PBS in the near future. 

Fleetwood has already featured several of the Ghanain drummers on German television and two tracks on which Ghanains participated may make it onto the next Fleetwood Mac album. No matter how "The Visitor" does, Fleetwood is planning to bring out an album of a concert Fleetwood participated in on his last day in Ghana. "I'm hoping my album will open the door and then I can present an album which is hard-core. I like to think we can play a little part in getting people to listen to more diverse stuff without being frightened off," Fleetwood comments.

So far, he is pleased with the reception the album has gotten. The album has gone top 50 in the U.S. "I wish more of the African stuff was getting played - comparatively little of it is," he bemoans. "If they started playing it, people would probably start phoning like crazy. If `You Weren't In Love' isn't a hit, it might well be worth going for one of the African songs as a single. At least, it would get played a little bit. It is refreshing, yet it's not like having to listen to jazz fusion in X, Y, and Z key or something. It's easy to listen to."

Warner Bros. didn't think so. Fleetwood Mac's label declined to release the package so "The Visitor" is on RCA. "I'm not angry at Warner Bros.," he says. "I'm quite happy with RCA. It's just one of those things. I was surprised and initially disappointed. But in retrospect, it's just business."

For the future, Fleetwood sees returning to Africa and bringing some of the musicians over here. "I wouldn't mind going there and just using the studio to make an album which might consist of something devoid of using African musicians. I would do it just to be there," he states. "I really hope though, I can bring some of the bands over. If I could just get them on a couple of talk shows. I know the effect would be amazing. If some of the bands from Jamaica can do it, I know it's possible." 

Mick Fleetwood (drummer with Fleetwood Mac) visiting and playing with master musicians in Ghana.  
Produced by Sunset and Vine of London for the BBC in 1982.

Review Stevie Nicks Arrives By Helicopter To Mohegan Sun June 9, 2024

Stevie Nicks Soars Through a Night of Songs & Stories at Mohegan Sun: 5 Best Moments
The rock icon arrived by helicopter, with her Barbie, to put on a show brimming with career anecdotes and classics from Fleetwood Mac's discography and solo releases.

By Ashley Iasimone, June 10, 2024
Photo: Mohegan Sun Casino

At 76 years old, Stevie Nicks — who breezily brought up her age a few times on stage Sunday night (June 9) — maintains the distinct, strong vocal performance for which she’s become iconic. She carries it through a showtime of about two hours, with a 15-song set and several stories spanning her fascinating journey in rock ‘n’ roll.

Nicks brought her headlining tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena, a well-designed, 10,000-seat venue in southeastern Connecticut that’s within the Mohegan Sun casino/entertainment complex owned by the Mohegan Tribe.

She has plenty to play, and so much to say — and with the life experience she’s had as an entertainer for so many years, rightly so. On Sunday Nicks was a lively conversationalist, letting her sense of humor shine while telling the crowd about her early days with Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s, how her debut solo album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 1981, and what’s currently on her mind in 2024.

Who wouldn’t want to hear what Stevie Nicks has to say? This January it’ll be 50 years since the 1975 lineup of Fleetwood Mac (with Nicks) came to be, a musical ride that followed humble beginnings alongside eventual Mac co-star Lindsey Buckingham with the Buckingham Nicks project, and preceded the ascent of her solo career.

Nicks’ concert at Mohegan Sun Arena featured setlist staples like “Dreams,” “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” “Stand Back,” “Leather and Lace,” “Rhiannon,” “Gypsy” and an encore of “Landslide,” a beautiful tribute to late best friend and bandmate Christine McVie. Mixed in with the chart-toppers were the singer-songwriter’s stories, almost like mini lessons on the history of Nicks’ path.

During a quick restroom break my husband overheard someone making small-talk wisecracks at the urinal: “She talks a lot, huh?” I grew up with a parent who’d listen to Fleetwood Mac albums on repeat. I could listen to her voice telling stories 100 times over and still find it soothing. We didn’t find the bathroom joke funny, but it was amusing timing.

As though she could sense what someone, somewhere, was saying, a charming Nicks was actually on stage poking fun at herself: “I’m trying, I’m making a big effort to shorten down my stories. My stories are starting to become as long as the show,” she quipped at the start of a 13-minute introduction to her performance of 1982 single “Gypsy.”

“Every time I do it, I mess up,” she said. “I take a part off, it’s impossible to understand where I’ve stopped and where I should start up again. I’m only sharing this with you because it’s part of the fun of being my age.”

“I’m so old … What’s everybody gonna say to me? ‘Stop! You can’t do this anymore!’ I’ll say, ‘OK. Fine. I’ll just go home and be alone in a rocking chair with my dog Lily,” Nicks said with a grin.

Below, see five of the best moments from Stevie Nicks’ concert at Mohegan Sun Arena. Nicks is currently on tour through June 21 in North America, then heading to Europe in July. See the full tour date list on her official website.

Stevie Arrives in Style for Her Show

Making an entrance with her long, cascading curls and signature black stage ensemble, Nicks launched her set with the energy of Bella Donna album track “Outside the Rain,” and then the Fleetwood Mac Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Dreams,” from Rumours.

“We’re very glad to be here,” Nicks, live band by her side, said to cheers from the audience. “We got to fly in on a helicopter. It was truly magnificent,” she shared of her trip into town.

Even better? “I got to photograph my Barbie sitting in the window with the background of New York, and then here [Connecticut], the whole time,” Nicks happily reported — before moving forward with “If Anyone Falls,” off 1983’s The Wild Heart.

Yes, Nicks proudly has a cool Barbie doll that was created in her likeness by Mattel, in partnership with Primary Wave, which the star announced in late 2023. Nicks’ version of Barbie is fashioned after the singer at age 27, on the cover of Rumours. She was very hands-on in the process, even down to the Barbie-sized tambourine.

How She Got Her Biggest Billboard Hit & No. 1 Solo Debut

Nicks’ first solo project, her 1981 album Bella Donna, was done, she told the audience in the chatter between songs Sunday night, until Jimmy Iovine (who was her producer and then-boyfriend) told her she just didn’t have a hit single on the album.

“Stevie, I think we have a problem,” Nicks recalled him saying to her. “Well, you don’t have a single, and if you don’t have a single, then your beautiful record will probably tank,” he told her.

“And I’m going, ‘He’s so sensitive. He so nicely delivered that,'” Nicks said to fans. “I’m like, well, do you have a plan?”

His plan was to connect her to Tom Petty: “‘He has a song for you that he thinks would be great for you. He thinks it would be a great duet, and he would love to sing it with you if you’d like to,'” she said of her memory of the moment, sharing with the crowd that she definitely wanted to work with Petty. She continued her story: “He goes, ”Cause you know, I know that you’d really love to join this band. The first time you walk in to meet him, don’t, like, say that. Don’t go, ‘Can I join your band?’ Cause he’s gonna say, ‘No girls allowed.’ That was Tom Petty, that was their thing.”

“I said, at that moment, and I swear to god this is true — this is a new layer — I said, ‘I’m gonna prove you wrong. I’m gonna instantly, definitely be allowed into The Heartbreakers,” said Nicks at the show.

Nicks and Petty, of course, ended up recording “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” and she happily announced to the crowd how upon its release that year it “went straight to No. 3 in Billboard [on the Hot 100],” with Bella Donna going “straight to No. 1 [on the Billboard 200 albums chart].”

“Thank you, Tom Petty,” Nicks said to her late friend.

"Gypsy" Has a Glimmering Moment

Before playing “Gypsy,” from Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album Mirage, Nicks recalled the interesting chain of events that led to her joining Fleetwood Mac in 1975. This was a 13-minute version of a story she’s likely told all too many times, but there’s a special charisma to her telling it in-person — all leading up to her introducing the song, a highlight among a crowd dressed in outfits inspired by Nicks’ timeless “Gypsy” style.

“There was a certain part of that beginning part, from 1971-1975, that I started to really miss,” Nicks confessed of her younger, pre-fame days, when she had started making music with Lindsey Buckingham and struggled to make ends meet, as her parents were not supporting her financially outside of college.

Writing “Gypsy,” she was in the mindset of nostalgia, and of romanticizing that time period of her life: “I kind of miss being a cleaning lady, in a way,” she recalled. “I kind of miss waitressing. I miss what I call the halcyon days … the wine and roses days. I kind of miss it.”

“This song came out of that. For all you travelers, and nomads, and gypsies, this is your song,” she said to a packed arena.

Stevie Gets Candid About Regret & Performs a Poignant Cover Song

Sprinkled into Nicks’ setlist on Sunday was a cover of Buffalo Springfield‘s “For What It’s Worth,” written by Stephen Stills and originally released in 1966. Nicks recorded a version of the protest track in 2022.

Ahead of singing, she used her platform to nudge people to vote in the upcoming election, something she failed to do for many years. One of Nicks’ only regrets — of which she has very few, she says — is not voting earlier in her life. “We should all vote,” Nicks told the crowd. “We should.”

“I didn’t vote until I was like 70 years old,” she said. “Maybe a little younger than that. You might ask, ‘Well, why? Why, Stevie?'”

“And I might say, ‘Well, ’cause I was busy,'” she said, hands on hips, mocking herself about a schedule of fittings, dinners and distractions, like Don Henley introducing her to salmon-pink lightbulbs. “It was so beautiful that I went out and bought a truckload of them,” Nicks noted. “They eventually discontinued them, so that was a huge bummer in my mind. Anyway, it was things like that. I was tracking down lightbulbs. I was busy! She was busy!”

Now she’ll make the time for it. “As I look back on it, I think, ‘How long could it take to go down and vote?'” Nicks admitted. “I think it’s a good idea for us all to vote. I will certainly vote. You vote, too … I’m 76 years old, so it’s like, how much time do I have? But you, most of you, anyway, probably have a lot longer than I do, so you don’t have the regrets.”

"Landslide," a Sweet Encore & Tribute to Christine McVie

After leaving the stage briefly, Nicks and her band returned for a two-song encore, likely the most-anticipated pair of Fleetwood Mac songs Nicks would deliver that night, “Rhiannon” and “Landslide.”

Her eyes glistening as she sang, Nicks delivered a beautiful performance of “Landslide,” the 1975 Fleetwood Mac ballad that’s more than stood the test of time.

As fans sang along, a video montage played of photos featuring Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie (many being snapshots of Nicks with McVie) across the big stage screen at Mohegan Sun Arena; McVie sadly passed away in 2022. With the stage set up in her memory, Nicks closes the show backed by the spirit of her longtime friend and musical collaborator each night she performs.

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie Released 7 Years Ago June 9, 2017

 7 years ago today - June 9, 2017 

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie 

released their duet album

Their collaboration began in 2014 when McVie rejoined Fleetwood Mac for the group’s “On With The Show” tour.   The pair went in to record new material prior to rehearsals for the tour and their natural creative chemistry was reignited.  According to Buckingham, “We were exploring a creative process, and the identity of the project took on a life organically. The body of work felt like it was meant to be a duet album. We acknowledged that to each other on many occasions, and said to ourselves, ‘what took us so long?!!’”

“We’ve always written well together, Lindsey and I, and this has just spiraled into something really amazing that we’ve done between us.”  Said Christine McVie.

The album was released on CD | LP and Digital. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you check it out. With Mick and John contributing, it's almost a Fleetwood Mac album. 

Below is a SiriusXM interview from June 16, 2017

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Denver Review Stevie Nicks Keeps Her Legacy Alive at Ball Arena

Stevie Nicks Keeps Her Legacy Alive at Ball Arena

The Colorado sunshine set the perfect scene for Stevie Nicks’ stop at Ball Arena on June 1st. Throughout her storied career, Nicks has developed a unique ability to connect with each rising generation, creating a legacy in music that fiercely endures the passing of time. Her fanbase spans generations and this was evident in the atmosphere — the music, the life, the person, all iconic.

The atmosphere in the arena was inviting, with strangers becoming fast friends as they bonded over their shared love for Nicks’s music. She took the audience on a mesmerizing journey through her life’s music and stories, inviting them to see the world through her eyes for an unforgettable night.

Part of the charm of Nicks’s shows is you get a true feel of her personality. Now 76 years old, if you closed your eyes, you might think you’d been transported back in time. Her voice still carries the same tones and powerful qualities from her youth.

After finishing songs, she would share quirky life stories, from lunches with famous friends to her love for a discontinued pink lightbulb. She could easily do a show just telling stories. She interacted with family members in the crowd, shared jokes, and seemed genuinely enthralled with life, showing off her extravagant shawls with multiple outfit changes and casually named-dropping other legends.

“Dreams,” a timeless classic, made an early appearance in the setlist. Despite being released over four decades ago, in 2020, the song went viral on TikTok, introducing it to a new generation and re-entering the Billboard Top 10. This resurgence proved that Nicks’s music, which speaks to the human condition, will always find a place in people’s hearts.

Nicks shared her long-time love for the song “For What It’s Worth,” explaining how it resonated with her and how she finally got to release a cover two years ago. The song is timeless, and Stevie is a reminder of the rich history behind the song. Making multiple outfit changes throughout the night, she showcased her signature whimsical style. With each extravagant shawl and sparkling accessory, Nicks exuded a magical aura. After the song finished, she shared with the audience that her ring fell off and that it was the only thing she could think about while singing.

Music has opened many doors for Nicks, allowing her to connect with people in extraordinary ways. She recounted stories of her trips overseas to give American soldiers iPods, which had a profound impact on her. This was followed by an impassioned speech supporting Ukraine and a heartfelt performance of “Soldier’s Angel.”

Her longtime vocal coach, Steve Real, joined her for “Leather and Lace,” and the pair shined together. His voice had the classic 80s pop tone, harmonizing beautifully with hers. Still, Stevie’s voice cuts through and soars above all other noise, demanding attention.

Nicks’ longtime friend and guitarist, Waddy Wachtel, delivered the iconic droning guitar riff of “Edge of Seventeen,” adding small flourishes to build the tension. He stood center stage while Stevie stayed out of sight, swiftly re-emerging in a new shawl. As she sang, “Just like the white winged dove/ Sings a song sounds like she’s singing,” the audience echoed back the oohs, creating a push and pull with the guitars and drums. Stevie’s hypnotizing melody over top put the audience into a trance.

The concert concluded with “Landslide,” a performance that made it impossible not to be overcome with emotions. It is one of the greatest songs of all time, and Stevie still performs it just like the day she recorded it. Pictures of Christine McVie and Nicks flashed on the screen, resembling photos any person might have with their best friend — a humanizing reminder that beneath her legacy, she’s just a person. The audience hugged and cheered as the ballad rang out, creating a truly pure and good finale. 

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The Ultimate Music Guide to Fleetwood Mac Available June 21 2024


Uncut Ultimate Music Guide: Definitive Edition - Fleetwood Mac 

The 172-page Definitive Edition Ultimate Music Guide to Fleetwood Mac.

Available 21st June 2024.

Stevie Nicks "Street Angel" 30th Anniversary

- Music Voice, July 1994 -

I've never really been an ardent Stevie Nicks Fan. Her voice has never quite done "it" for me, her lyrics seem somehow vain and her reality different than mine. Don't get upset, it's just my opinion- I'm used to pissing people off with my opinion. When "Buckingham Nicks" (the album was released 3 billion years ago, I associated with some of Ms. Nicks' relatives- they thought Nicks was God-head. A few short months later Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, barely out of the cradle, were drafted into the supper group Fleetwood Mac. Coincidentally, their solo album never "went" anywhere. I never really thought Mr. Buckingham to be a great guitar player either- especially in the shoes of his Fleetwood Mac predecessors, but, so. what!

I don't have to tell you what was in their future, for it is now history, and a tumultuous one at that.

Presently, Stevie Nicks returns with her fifth solo album (not including her best of, "Timespace") "Street Angel". It contains, in my humble opinion, much of what we have grown to expect from her by way of songs. A bit corny, a bit dated-but she likes it and many of you, whom I mean no disrespect for with my opinion, will too.

"I'm totally excited about this new record," says Nicks. "I can't wait for people to hear it. I sit in my living room and crank up the old surround-sound, and it instantly gets me on my feet."

I'm not sure how much objectivity an artist can claim when listening to their most recent work of art. Most I have known may have believed, but have not really been. 

*I feel excited every time I do a new project," she continues, "I look forward to doing something different, meeting new people, making new music." 

Nicks has always been very lucky, possibly to the extent of not really being completely aware how "the other side lives," or how other musicians must survive and what they have to do for success. Though she has undoubtedly experienced hard times, both personal (as seemed obvious with her 1989 release " The Other Side Of The Mirror,") and professional- as with the very well publicized "goings on" during the late Fleetwood Mac years. 

In an interview I did with Mick Fleetwood last year he confessed to how himself and "the band" (not necessarily naming any names) partied very hard with both booze and drugs and whatever may have been available. Fleet-wood admitted never having done one gig sober until with his last band, The Zoo. 

This time around Nicks surrounds herself with some of the finest session rock musicians money can buy. The elite group in question consists of keyboardist Benmont Tench, and guitarist Mike Campbell - both of which have done hundreds of sessions with their own band Tom Petty & The Hearlbreak-ers, Andy Fairweather Low, Bearnie Leadon (former Eagles), Waddy Watchtel, and special guests appearances on the album by Bob Dylan and David Crosby.

Many of these names have appeared on a majority of L.A. recorded and produced albums by a list of "who's who" in the Hollywood rock world. From Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Linda Rondstadt to Keith Richards, Barefoot Servants and literally dozens of lesser known names. I guess you could call it the L.A. Band or the Click.

This group, of course does not include Bob Dylan - though he too has been known to make a guest appearance here and there. Nicks insisted on having the man himself for her rendition of "Just Like A Woman."

"He didn't want to do anything on it... until I begged him. I told him; There's got to be some sort of spiritual connection. A lot of people will have never heard this song, and it's got to have you on it."

The only people more devoted than Stevie are her fans. Ever since it was announced that she would be doing a new album, Modem Records ( a division of Atlantic) has been getting calls regularly inquiring about its arrival. The same goes for many record retailers. It's finally here, but according to Nicks it's been in the makings for a long time. Even when Fleetwood Mac played at President Clinton's inauguration last year.

"I already had the title song in mind, for instance, I wanted it to be about people whose dreams have gone bad. I had an idea of a Charles Dickens-style character, a homeless women who doesn't want to leave the streets, and the rich man who loves her."

Fantasy? I'll say. But many songs start as just that. They metamorphosize into what we end up hearing after many processes, some mechanical, some emotional, some indescribable.

"It started with 40 songs, * she informs us. "We cut it down to about 17, all of which were actually recorded before going through the inevitable, painful process of eliminating the ones we thought didn't fit."

"We spent a lot of time on arrangements. We spent a good six or seven weeks sitting together in a room in my house before we even went into the studio."

Stevie Nicks has approached music as an art, as an affair and finally as a profession- love her or not. She is currently working on a book to be entitled "Dreams, Stories and Poems." Isn't it just like a woman to have a title for a book which is merely a concept.

That certainly is one department where Stevie Nicks has never been challenged. She always remained very representative of feminism. She has always been quite a woman. Nicks plans to include some drawings and photographs in her book.

Just like her music, I'm sure her loving fans will "eat" up her book. To some, Stevie Nicks can do no wrong - which, l guess, is what the world is all about. Isn't it. 

'That's exactly what makes it all worth it, " she comments. "What I get back from those who listen to my music can not ever be measured. It's all about love and trust and acceptance, and it's completely priceless."

Street Angel was released in North America, June 7, 1994. 
2024 marks the 30th Anniversary of it's release. 

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Review Stevie Nicks Live in Denver June 1, 2024

Stevie Nicks Review: A Tribute to Colorado and Christine McVie

The legendary rock star shared stories of Tom Petty and delivering iPods to soldiers, and put Ball Arena in a wave of tears with a tribute to Christine McVie.

By Emily Ferguson

After Stevie Nicks opened her set at Ball Arena with "Outside the Rain" and "Dreams," she gave the crowd a wide smile as the spotlight transformed her wild mane into a golden halo. "I've been here many times before, partly because I love to come and play here," Nicks told the packed audience in her signature raspy voice.

"But the second reason is because I have a lot of family here," she continued. "My great-great-grandmother came across in the last...big covered wagon across the Rocky Mountains. I am told she hid in the trunk. So stay strong, we can get through anything, nothing's gonna get us, and we're gonna get in that trunk! So welcome, everybody. Let's get this Colorado party started."

And what a party it was. Nicks poured her heart and soul into the show, filled with hits and personal stories, making it clear she remains committed to delivering a magical experience with her live appearances. This makes her a rarity among many of her classic-rock peers, who tend to phone it in after singing the same songs for decades (though she did seem a little bored during "Dreams"). But her impressive musicianship hasn't faded a bit since she became a global superstar via Fleetwood Mac back in 1975 and penned some of that band's best songs, then kicked off a solo career with her multi-platinum debut, Bella Donna, in 1981.

In return, Coloradans showcased their own commitment to the singer. Women descended onto the venue like a cavalcade of fairies and witches, decked out in outfits to emulate the star in shining shawls embossed with flowers or dripping with fringe, velvet bell bottoms and skirts made for twirling and twirling. As a fellow concert-goer put it: "This would be the best place to meet a MILF."