Friday, October 03, 2008

Bumped to '09!

Yet again... Both the DVD and CD versions of Stevie's Soundstage show have been pushed back to the new year. January 13, 2009 is the latest date, according to Amazon - which I'm convinced will be moved again. It's not that far off if in fact it's released in January - that's not the problem. The problem is that they KEEP MOVING THE DATE!!! Amazon has or had both the art work and the track list (cd only) up on their site. Orders were being taken for both. Even Warner Bros. Records had both items for sale in their online store... It was confirmed with Warners via email that the DVD was available now. They stated in their email reply that the DVD had been available since September 23rd (news to me), and that the CD was being released October 28th (subject to change). This was just yesterday. Today, they've removed both items from their online store... and Amazon is now showing January, 2009 as release date.

Go figure!

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