Tuesday, September 08, 2009


[First of all, these time zones are going to kill me!... I almost forgot to listen live to this interview this morning, or afternoon... Actually, I was listening today (Tuesday the 8th), but it was already the morning of the 9th in New Zealand - hense the title of the post]

Tim from Easy Mix 98.2 in New Zealand interviewed Lindsey Buckingham this morning (09.09.09)

Lindsey spoke about why he's never been happier, what his wife thinks of his on stage chemistry with Stevie Nicks, what he considers to be his best achievement in regards to producing Stevie and Christine's songs, how he surprised Michael Jackson in a toilet in 1985 while recording "We Are The World", and his connection with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

He also spoke about how the band really wants to keep this going and not take such long breaks between projects... Another album of new material is still being talked about, along with bringing in a new producer to work with the band - which was nice to hear. Sadly he never mentioned, nor was he asked, about the Rumours CD/DVD that was reported to be coming out this year to coincide with the Unleashed Tour.

You can stream both parts of his interview this morning at the Easy Mix website, or you can download it here if you're like me and you like to keep this stuff.

Interview length about 16 minutes.

Also, in early October Tim will interview Mick Fleetwood - the man who's drumming has provided the beat for every Fleetwood Mac song from Albatross to Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way to Little Lies, Dreams to Tusk, Gypsy to Sara.

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