Saturday, October 24, 2009

(REVIEW) FLEETWOOD MAC - GLASGOW.... "Landside dedicated to Bird Handler"

Fleetwood Mac in Glasgow, Thursday 22nd October 09
October 24, 2009 — matildagretchen

My first thoughts when I saw them – they looked OLD, Lindsey in particular. Now, I know they ARE old, but I just mean compared to 5 years ago I could see a tiredness about them. Not that that’s a criticism at all, they still played an amazing show that would shame most of the younger bands out there. I just thought, “oh shit, they might not do this again, it might be taking too much out of them”. But as the show went on, they managed to find even more energy, and seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

Stevie was beautiful in her goth frocks (I counted 4 costume changes, all similar dresses with slight variations on the sequin/lace adornments), and I had hair envy – her mane always seemed to be freshly brushed, with not a lock out of place. I hope I have hair like that at her age – blue rinses are for losers! (sorry grannies).

Highlights of the show for me were -

You'll find the full review here along with a few photos.

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