Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(REVIEW) Fleetwood Mac: Nur noch Akkordfolgen (BERLIN)

Fleetwood Mac: Just one chord

Fleetwood Mac have now experienced during her 42-year career, so many disasters, highlights, crashes, and personnel changes that it is almost a miracle that one of the core cast of the middle 70s today may live on stage. While singer and keyboardist Christine McVie has now folded, but guitarist / vocalist Lindsey Buckingham, singer Stevie Nicks, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie are miraculously back as a unit. On Monday evening they were seen in the sold-out 02-World in Berlin. Thus devised and disciplined the Fleetwood Mac albums still sound like today, their formation was always accompanied by hysterical chaos - excesses of drugs, intrigue and extreme shopping attacks. If you went on tour together, which usually led to excesses and plays incredible proportions.

This was at the O2 World feel nothing more, however, Lindsey Buckingham recalled repeatedly in his moving announcements at the time: "As probably all know here in the hall, had Fleetwood Mac is often an emotionally difficult past." It fit beautifully into the context that even the band played hits from the past. "Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way", "Looking Out For Love" - all songs about interpersonal turmoil that support the old theory that inspires great suffering to great art.

But the pain only time history, artists sometimes tend to forget the original idea behind their work. For Buckingham, the songs were only chord that had to be present with the greatest possible gesture. "Tusk" was prepared not only by horns from the preserve, but by howling and panting, just as if Buckingham, the chief of the Indians.

Clearly worthy was the presence of Stevie Nicks, who know and share with lumps aufgerüschten witches clothes and fashion accents. Now caught up with her husky voice, she sang hits like "Rhiannon," "Sara," "Gypsy" and the touching "Landslide," where she is constantly on gloves and went out - short and long gloves, with or without fingers, and sometimes with long tinsel fringe-turn. Remarkably their footwear: For much of the concert was wearing leather boots with lace-up nicks orthopedic meaningful platform shoes. Where they turned against the light, spread her shawl when she was a bat on his way to himself

So the time passed. The totally unnecessary solo by drummer Mick Fleetwood was then, even for some stubborn fan too much. With all the prejudices, too, again confirmed to the band: They were never very cool, but for a longer period in the middle of the 70s Fleetwood Mac was once the best band in the world.

Fleetwood Mac - ein Schatten ihrer selbst
Von Harald Peters
(same review - only a little longer)

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