Sunday, March 28, 2010


AN IDYLLIC village is being shaken by a row between a retired rock star and one of Big Brother’s most notorious contestants.

This time, however, “Nasty” Nick Bateman, kicked out of Big Brother’s first series for his double-dealing with his housemates, is not seen as the villain. That role is being assigned to Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, who wrote Don’t Stop, which became President Clinton’s campaign song.

Tensions rose after Ms McVie joined a consortium last year to buy fields next to the Little Stour river in the village of Wickhambreaux, near Canterbury in Kent. She has lived in the village for more than a decade and was worried that the fields near her home would be used for unsightly poly-tunnels. However, her consortium promptly fenced off the fields, denying the villagers access to the river.

Ms McVie, now 66, left Fleetwood Mac in 1997 and now guards her privacy ferociously. Her palatial home is surrounded by high hedges and big fences and she rarely emerges except to walk her dogs. She hasn’t been photographed for a decade.

In an interview 10 years ago she said she enjoyed shopping in Canterbury without being mobbed.

A pair of water engineers wanting to check drainage on her land were told to go away because she didn’t want to see anybody.

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Anonymous said...

How sad... what a sad person she seems....

Anonymous said...

Living in a village means integrating- not fencing of fields-how odd. Does she own the river as well?

Anonymous said...

Reading the full story - Chris has done this for the 'right' reasons.

Anonymous said...

Christine McVie is a class person who wanted nothing to do with the fence. She did want to buy the field to prevent any problems. She only wants peace and to vist the local pubs and mingles withe the locals.

Love her as a beautiful person and I feel she is very self conscious about her looks. I can only say to her like the wine she drinks she only gets better.

Anonymous said...

You hear all sorts of crap in the media. A lot of it is lies. I used to live 2 miles away in Wingham Well, before returning to the North.

Had I known, I would have frequented the pub more regularly.

Anonymous said...

Christine,you are so lovely&special.Take no notice of gossip.
You have the most fantastic,unique voice,lots of love Julie xx

soma8 said...

I always had a crush on Christine McVie. Even today she is still a beautiful and lovely woman.

Anonymous said...

i was a gardener for the bateman familey so i know how nice that place is

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