Monday, February 21, 2011

INTERVIEW WITH STEVIE NICKS - Reveals More About "Moonlight A Vampires Dream"

This morning Stevie was interviewed and discussed many things on her upcoming album and tour with Rod Stewart.  Among the discussion was "Moonlight A Vampires Dream" and "Secret Love".  The interview was with Bob and Tom which took place last week and was broadcast this morning on their syndicated radio program The Bob and Tom Show across the US.  The interview is about 15 minutes long - full interview can be heard down at the bottom of the post. 

Stevie talks about Dave Stewart, the writing process on her new album, the upcoming tour with Rod Stewart, "Moonlight a Vampires Dream" and "Secret Love" plus Glee!.

  • Talks about how she and Dave first came togoether a few years ago when Dave was doing the pilot show on HBO and talks about playing Rhiannon on piano after their interview and Dave jumping in and playing guitar with her.  Said that after they were done, she logged it into her mind that whether she was doing the next Stevie Nicks record, or a Fleetwood Mac record, that she would ask him to produce it, she was that impressed with how amazingly he fit into what she did. 
  • Feb to Dec recorded at her house with about two months off during that time while she toured for a month and while Dave was stuck in England.  But when recording it was like the circus came to town everyday.
  • Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers has two tracks on "In Your Dreams". Said she and Dave wrote 7 songs together and then 5 are her own, two of which are Mike Cambell tracks.
  • Writing with Dave was done in the same room, has never done that before.. and that it was a door opening experience and understands now that if you can check your ego at the door you will find that that other person can add a lot to what you do and vise versa.  Would absolutely continue to work with Dave in the future and told both Dave and Lindsey that she'll never do another record without Dave - she had that much fun this past year.  Life is too short to not have that much fun doing your job.
  • "MOONLIGHT A VAMPIRES DREAM": The first song on the CD.  Two of the verses were written sometime in the mid-1970's and said a lot of her fans have that demo already bootlegged... Was touched by the movie New Moon in the Twilight series, where he says to her "I'm leaving you because you're not very good for me". Said she had an experience like that a long time ago that she never really did get over.  So when she saw that part in the movie where she's sitting in the bay window just staring out and it goes Oct...Nov... Dec... and she's not eating or sleeping, she thought about the lyrics, "Some call her strange lady from the mountains..." and the story takes place up in Oregon. So she thought these words in this old song were almost like I wrote them for this movie a long time ago.  So she wrote one new verse and a chorus and she did that in Australia 2009 right after seeing the movie. It's her favorite song on the CD.
  • "SECRET LOVE": Truly doesn't remember who she wrote it about... Will have to remain a mystery.  How it came to be recorded was she had a vision of seeing a cassette with Secret Love written on it and said she could kind of remember it and she sings a bit of the chorus "My Secret Love Secretly Died"... So she sent Lori Nicks her sister in law back to Phoenix to look in the vaults for it... and while Lori was away and not finding it... they found it on Youtube!   She said she didn't know whether to feel good about that or not - that's 1976! Then explains how back in the day she would pass out cassettes to friends all the time, she was passing out cassettes all the time never in a million years thinking they'd end up on every bootleg record that would ever go out... So the people out there will be familiar with it.
  • Not sure what songs she will be with with Rod Stewart on.  She's been furiously listening to Rod Stewart music to get ready for the last couple of weeks.  Has her ideas of what would be great.  But said she meets with Rod for a few days in Florida for a production rehearsal and they won't have much time, but they haven't had a rehearsal yet.
  • Talks about her GLEE appearance with the cast.  She loves the show.  Doesn't confirm the Landslide song appearance on the show though... but said it was great and wishes she had been in something like Glee when she was in school. Talks about writing her first song... guitar lessons... her first band Fritz with Lindsey and the preparation that gave her to walk into Fleetwood Mac.

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