Sunday, February 20, 2011

STEVIE NICKS: Sunset Sessions.... Notes From The Inside

Sunset Sessions took place over the last three days in San Diego at La Costa Resort and Spa. Stevie appeared on the last day yesterday in a two hour album listening event and Q&A taking place between 3-5pm that included previewing 8 songs from her upcoming In Your Dreams CD. Stevie arrived with Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks and her Manager Sheryl Lewis. Stevie was reported to be in a great mood the whole time... Singing along to her music, very candide during the Q&A and of course had the place laughing a few times.   

Also previewed was the "Sizzle Reel" video/photos footage mashed together with songs from the new album. It was a teaser of about 2 minutes in length showing Stevie in different settings through out the recording process - in her home studio, on the beach, with Dave Stewart etc.  This quite possibly could be the trailer that Dave Stewart was to debut this month for Stevie's move/documentary.  Stevie ended the evening sitting in and performing with Vanessa Carlton on a song called "Carousel".

A few things I've read:

First off, from everything I've been reading (and this is from legitimate fans in attendance, not just industry insiders) we are going to be blown away by this album, it sounds that good!

Songs reported to have been previewed:  A Vampire's Dream, For What Its' Worth, In Your Dreams, The Ghosts Are Gone, Soldiers Angel, Annabell Lee, Italian Summer, Cheaper Than Free video previewed.

There was some early confusion over one song in particular previewed.  It was reported late last night that "Lady From The Mountain" was a song previewed at the event and on the new album.  Which would be NEW news!  Now what I'm hearing is the Twilight song (or "A Vampire's Dream") is actually "Lady From The Mountain" - meaning the Twilight song sounds very similar to "Lady From The Mountain" melody wise... I'm still a bit confused on that one as the old demo lyrics don't fit with a Vampire theme... So what may have happened is the melody from the old demo may have been taken and transformed with new lyrics to fit the Twilight inspired theme of "A Vampire's Dream".  Make sense?

  • She will be touring for In Your Dreams after the Rod Stewart dates.
  • There was a white horse used in the "Secret Love video"... and the horse appears on the album cover.
  • The song "Soldiers Angel" has Lindsey Buckingham performing harmony and playing guitar.

Continue at the link below for other photos from the event:

Photo Credits: L/R @goodymade, @scarson45, divebarchick, @lonewolflindsay


Anonymous said...

I would love to believe that the album in amazing. But since they have released Secret Love as the first single, I am somewhat confused. I have had the demo it since 1979, and while it's an interesting song, it does not have a very large vocal range to it and it does not sound like a hit song to me at all. I would obviously love for Stevie to have a hit on the radio and hope this song it. But I still do not think it is a radio song. She does not sing enough high notes to make the chorus have a real hook. Maybe if the video gets a lot of airplay on TV, it will get it on the radio.

Anonymous said...

And if they released it, they must think it has the best chance of being a hit. And therefore I am worried that the rest of the songs are not as wonderful as you are making them out to be. Of course I want the album to be great. But Secret Love just ain't that great melodicly.

Anonymous said...

And so many other Stevie songs from the past that should and could have been hits were passed over by the idiots at Warner Bros., I have no faith in their ability to chose.

Outsite The Rain
Sister Honey
Thousand Days
Say You Will
Thrown Down
(and others)

And so many others still sound much more like radio friendly hits than Secret Love. But I guess time will tell quite soon if it does in fact make it on the radio.

Anonymous said...

"Secret Love" certainly isn't a bad song, but it's far from her best single. I remember thinking the same thing when I heard "Every Day" the first time, but "Trouble In Shangri-La," as a whole, is a killer album, and one of my favorites by Stevie Nicks.

When I heard the first single "Peacekeeper" off "Say You Will," I thought it was a dull and plodding song... not the best choice for a single... but the rest of the album was great. I was really surprised that "Thrown Down" wasn't chosen as the first single... or maybe "Miranda."

I'm not sure who is in charge of choosing which songs will be released as singles... but they seem to pick the safest and shortest songs, not the most interesting or catchy. When I listen to the entire "Trouble In Shangri-La" album, I enjoy hearing "Every Day" in its overall context. Truthfully, I expect "In Your Dreams" will be another great Stevie record, even if the first single hasn't completely blown me away.

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