Thursday, March 31, 2011

Billboard Boxscore: Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks were # 12 on this weeks Billboard Boxscore 
with their Atlanta show on March 23rd.
Tickets Sold: 
Tickets Available: 
# of Shows: 1 / Sellout: 1
Ticket Prices: $149.50, $49.50
Promoter: Live Nation


Anonymous said...

Is this tour doing good, or bad or what? Is #12 good or bad for what they expected?

Tony said...

Well it sold out...can't do much better than that. Surprised it was only 12th

Anonymous said...

Considering the much younger acts their up against these days, I'd say that's excellent!!! ;)

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