Sunday, March 27, 2011

(Review) Forever Young, Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks Rock MSG -

New York Post

Spare the Rod and spoil the show?

Not on a Saturday night at the first of two Rod Stewart performances, where the rock icon was generous with a greatest-hits set featuring the songs that have helped him sell out Madison Square Garden a whopping 42 times.

Add to that concert-craft tricks for show momentum like inviting opening act Stevie Nicks (who looks great and has a new record dropping May 3) to join him for a mini duet set.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of review is this? They totally ignored Stevie Nicks. This tour might of been a mistake.

Tony said...

opening act? Seriously? WTF?
Not a mention of songs or performance either. Me thinks this douchebag was late getting to the concert and missed her altogether.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks it's time to give up the spinning, she may break (another) hip

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