Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Stevie Nicks Mystic Lake Amphitheatre, Minneapolis, MN

The woman's got spunk, and she's got an understated moxie. She's got rockin' bangs, and extreme melodrama. She's still got it all. But the best part is she's got sincerity at its most earnest, and she's charming and gracious as all get-out.

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Photo Slide Show Here by Nikki Miller

After opening her performance with an energetic rendition of her hit "Stand Back," Nicks described the set that would follow as a "journey" which would contain a few of the older gems, as well as the newer output she really believes in. And that she'd like to--hollering louder than your loudest rock dude hollerer--"GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" With that, she kicked things off with the recent "Secret Love," a song and performance that did, as she claimed it would, hold its own against her classic stuff. The rest of her set, as promised peppered with plenty of recent songs, was as strong for its emphasis on the new as on the old. Her stage presence and her at times full and deep, at other times characteristically nasal, voice held up through the entire performance, backed by a beyond-capable band that featured local Peterson family legend Ricky Peterson on keys and Hammond.

Stevie Nicks Mystic Lake Casino Amphitheatre
Prior Lake, MN August 24, 2011
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pat said...

It was a wonderful concert. Stevie's voice sounded good, she chatted with the audience a lot, and she was "on" the entire night. The band was flawless. There was a definite lack of young people in the crowd - I suppose they were at the Adele concert across town.

By the way, the concert was in Prior Lake, MN, not Prior. It bothers me to see that mistake propagated all over the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Please put back in the song in your dreams its one of your best new songs get rid of ghosts are gone or landslide!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous night...incredible poet! She could have sang another hour or two and I would have been thrilled. At the end of the night I was front and center as she sang Love Is right to me!

Anonymous said...

The concert was sensational and Euphoric!

Anonymous said...

Great concert, best I've seen in years. Stevie was great with the audience, loved her new songs and also the ones from the past. also loved the duet with Michael Grimm who also added a great deal to the show. Loved IT.

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