Sunday, August 21, 2011

Update: Lindsey Buckingham "Songs From The Small Machine" Live DVD/CD

Lindsey Buckingham
"Songs From the Small Machine Live In L.A."
Release Date: October 31, 2011  
Available for pre-order on Amazon UK 
(2 disc) DVD/CD or (1 disc) Blu-ray
The second disc in to the dual disc DVD Release expected October 31st from Lindsey Buckingham has been revealed... The standard version of the "Songs From The Small Machine Live in LA" DVD looks like it's going to be a DVD/CD package with the Saban Theatre footage filmed in April on the DVD with an accompanying live CD in the package... The bonus footage is an interview that appears on both the standard DVD release and the Blu-ray.

Disc 1 DVD

1. Shut Us Down  
2. Go Insane  
3. Trouble  
4. Never Going back Again  
5. Big Love  
6. Under the Skin  
7. All My Sorrows
8. In Our Own Time  
9. Illumination  
10. Second Hand News 
11. Tusk  
12. Stars Are Crazy  
13. End of Time 
14. That's the Way Love Goes  
15. I'm So Afraid  
16. Go Your Own Way  
17. Turn It On  
18. Treason  
19. Seeds We Sow  

Bonus Features
• Interview with Lindsey Buckingham


Disc 2 CD
1. Shut Us Down CD  
2. Trouble CD  
3. Never Going back Again CD  
4. Big Love CD  
5. Under the Skin CD  
6. All My Sorrows CD  
7. In Our Own Time CD  
8. Illumination CD  
9. Second Hand News CD  
10. Tusk CD  
11. Stars Are Crazy CD  
12. End of Time CD  
13. That's the Way Love Goes CD  
14. I'm So Afraid CD  
15. Go Your Own Way CD 
16. Seeds We Sow CD

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