Friday, August 12, 2011

Stevie Nicks in Grand Prairie, TX... Setlist changes

Stevie is kickin' it in Grand Prairie, TX as I write this... There have been a few deviations from the opening night setlist at Red Rocks... Between the first couple of songs tonight, Nicks apparently called out a few in the front row for filming her asking them to stop that it was distracting... The video screen behind the band is similar to previous tours.. There doesn't seem to be any sign of the new footage that was shot for any of the videos or the documentary... and I find that odd!  Especially when there apparently is footage for multiple videos from In Your Dreams.  But she did mention the new For What It's Worth video with Dave Stewart.. which should be making it's debut real soon.

Photos courtesy of Cristyintexas 1 | 2 | 3

The setlist so far:

01 Stand Back
02 Secret Love
03 Dreams
04 Sorcerer
05 Moonlight
06 Gold Dust Woman
07 Soldiers Angel
08 Annabel Lee
09 For What It's Worth
10 Rhiannon
11 Landslide
12 Ghosts Are Gone
Band Intros
13 Leather and Lace (with Steve Real - Stevie's vocal coach since 1997)
14 Edge of Seventeen
15 Love Is

Thanks to @cristyintexas and @MarioTarradell for the setlist updates!

Photo by Michael Insuaste - Jam Magazine


Anonymous said...

i was hoping for in your dreams as a rocking encore like i need to know, followed by love is.

Anonymous said...

I love Stevie to death...I do....I've spent a lot of money on her! But, I did not go to the Dallas show due to the high cost.....and after reading how she was rude (on stage) to a fan filming her, I am quite ashamed! When you are at this game of your thankful that someone wants to film you........she said it herself, it's hard to compete with be grateful fans out there are in aww of you. Ouch!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i love "In Your Dreams." Moot, since i wasn't able to make it down to see her, but still..... Wah. Hope they release a DVD. As for telling folks it's rude to video - GO STEVIE! One of the big debates about seeing her live this time was A- Rude people talking over the performance, which drives me nuts. used to be, you go see someone perform it was an event, and attention was paid. now people just yell conversations over the performer. Rude to the people nearby who paid to see and hear the performer, not you yelling about your plans for tomorrow, and rude to the performer who is working their ass of to entertain. Shut up or leave and go do something you find more interesting and leave the rest of us in peace. And B- Trying to look around the forest of raised arms with video screens blaring in your face. Again, rude to those behind and rude to the performer. A performance is an event to be experienced. if you're videoing, you're missing the experience entirely, and thus the point of the whole thing. And it's distracting to everyone around you, not to mention making someone wish they had a machete.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing rude - at all - that she did.
Simply telling someone to stop doing something because it's distracting is not rude. And she has every right to do so.
Any true artist has that right and Stevie has earned it over and over for almost 40 years of performing.

I see Rickie Lee Jones often where I live in LA and she is constantly asking people to stop talking so she can concentrate.
Go to any show at Largo (LA's best music venue) and if you talk, pull out your cell phone, text, email, talk, take pictures, video, etc. - you are removed from the theater - no questions, zero tolerance.
And it's all out of respect for the artists.

The only people at the show last night who should have been filming or taking pictures from the front rows are people with press passes and permission from Nicks's management. Period.

Good for you Stevie Nicks for standing up to obnoxious assholes.
I hope she keeps doing it - it's her right and she's earned it.

The last few times I've seen Fleetwood Mac play, I was surrounded by gross drunk people who did everything in their power to ruin the experience for me. So I don't go to big arena shows anymore.
Can't be part of it. (unless it's a band like Wilco or The National because their audiences have nothing but respect for the musicians and the other fans who spent a lot of money to come see the show).

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling she would put Landslide back into the set, but it's too bad she dropped In Your Dreams. That is such a great rocker. Would rather have had her drop Sorcerer, kind of sick of hearing it live anyway. And Stevie certainly has the right to ask people up front to stop filming her if it distracts her. There is nothing rude about that. And I most certainly do agree that there are far to many rude people in her audiences anymore. But I will always go see her anyway.

Anonymous said...

She was definitely pretty feisty last night. First her water wasn't where it was supposed to be when she went back for a sip after the second song. She gave a look of death to sidestage and I saw her assistant letting some poor stage hand have it. He promptly scurried over and moved everything to the right spot. Then she gave it pretty hard to those about filming. Finally between the first and second chorus in GoldDustWoman she didn't like something about the bass and she held with her back to the audience for quite awhile longer than normal while again making some pretty pissed gestures over to the soundboard. Finally she turned and continued the song. It's pretty clear she got to where she is by being a tough and demanding talent and since it's her ass on the line if things don't go well I say good for her.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, I do agree that Stevie is in a new "prime" of her career & should be thankful someone wants to film her, yet, every dog has their day. Some people/fans act as though she is this flawless woman who couldn't possibly ever have opinions, just as we do. Though, I do see the other side of this too. Maybe it is distracting; maybe it is uncomfortable. We don't know. Either way, I think she has earned her opinion/reaction. I have never been able to film during a show cause I am not able to fully immerse myself in it :)'re allowed; you got to this point in your career. You were so lovely to me all 3 times we met. God Bless :)

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that "IYD" got dropped. Its Stevie's own Tom Petty Song!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 3. I had this rude girl in front of me at one of Stevies shows and everyone around was not happy. She kept climbing over the seats and changing seats and then would stand up with her arms waving. I paid good money for those seats and she ruined the show. People need to think about aother people around them.

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