Friday, August 26, 2011

Video: Stevie Nicks Performing on Good Morning America

Stevie took to the stage today in Central Park, New York City... The last half hour of GMA was pretty much owned by Stevie save for a bar-b-q segment... We saw a clip of her performing Stand Back first.. Then a short clip of her rocking the tambourine to Ghosts Are Gone and then the full live versions of Landslide and For What it's Worth.  Surprise of surprises.. Mike Campbell of The Heartbreakers who wrote For What It's Worth was there to perform the song with her.  Stevie played out the show with Rhiannon.  Steive and her band looked awesome and sounded amazing for a tv show which is a rarity as the sound mix can often sound pretty bad.. Great job guys!

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Full Version of Rhiannon not completely televised:


Anonymous said...

Stevie was great, but Good Morning America sucks it big time. They only played a few seconds of Stand Back, and Ghosts Are Gone and only half of Rhiannon. WTF? Why did Stevie only get 2 songs complete when GMA gives longer times to other musical artists. Very disapointing indeed. She is the Queen of Rock and they didn't even let her play one rock and roll song entirely through.

Anonymous said...

The promotional appearances for this CD has shown her looking the best she has in years, from her new threads to her hair and make-up. Plus, she seems to really be enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Its a crappy show. The stage set for GMA is beyond an embarrassment. Are they in the ratings basement? The sound was better than most of these cheesy TV spots. Letterman is known to have awful sound mixing and The Today Show is generally the worst. At least the audience got a sampler platter of Stevie's hits and new stuff and didn't have to suffer horrible sound. Plus she looks better and classier than most people that come through there that are half her age. SERIOUS!!!

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