Friday, September 02, 2011

Nicks Playing Tricks with her hair...

Musical sorceress weaves hypnotic spell over her solo and Fleetwood Mac staples

There's something downright magical about Stevie Nicks' unmistakable voice and charismatic stage presence that puts audience members on the edge of their seats with a single note or signature spin of her glitter-laced shawl. In the case of the In Your Dreams tour, the solo star and longtime Fleetwood Mac co-leader weaved a hypnotic musical spell over 110 action-packed minutes that revealed her songwriting is still as sharp as ever, with old hits standing up as though they were written yesterday.

Full Chicago Review here (Photos and Review by Andy Argyrakis)
Stevie's hair seems to have changed for the Chicago show... We've seen the waves before, but she departed from the side part... First time I noticed that on this tour... Click the image for more photos!

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