Thursday, October 13, 2011

AN EVENING WITH STEVIE NICKS A Special Benefit For The Grammy Museum

Wednesday, October 19, 2011; 8:00pm
Grammy Museum

The GRAMMY Museum, in conjunction with The GRAMMY Foundation, is honored to welcome the multi- GRAMMY Award -winning Stevie Nicks to the Clive Davis Theater. As a member of the legendary Fleetwood Mac as well as her extraordinary solo career, Nicks is one of the world's most influential and inspiring artists of the last three decades. Before an audience of 200, Nicks will converse with GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli about her history-making career and her current CD, In Your Dreams, her first studio album in a decade. After the discussion, Nicks will take audience questions and perform a few songs.

Doors open at 7:30 pm. American Express presale tickets are $50 and can be purchased at Museum Box Office starting Thursday October 13, 2011 at noon. Public onsale is Saturday, October 15, at noon. American Express is the exclusive payment method for presale tickets. American Express ticket purchasers will also receive a special gift. All proceeds benefit the GRAMMY Museum and The GRAMMY Foundation. For more information, please call 213.765.6803.

This Event is Already Sold Out


Anonymous said...

This is very good news- the Grammy Foundation, the Grammy Museum all could be the path to Grammy nominations for 'In Your Dreams'- Will someone please share here Stevie's multiple Grammy wins? I always counted 'Rumours' -Grammy for album of the year, and the long form 'Red Rocks' video until I was told she didn't win it, actually.
Still think this is exciting news, and maybe I 'was' right all those years that I thought I was sure I'd seen 'Stevie Nicks Live At Red Rocks' flash across the screen as ''winner'' of long-form video during the Grammy telecast, in an ''awards presented prior to the telecast'' segment.

Anonymous said...

Funny, 2 pre-sale dates are noted, it is also noted when the doors open, but nowhere at all in the press release is the DATE of this clambake. A secret?
200 lucky people may know the date, but it's not to be found here.
SN should go on Bravo or Vh1 and expand upon this idea, after she's kissed the Grammy Foundation's uhh ... feet. Letterman, Leno, Fallon and Kimmell, as well.
Pleased that Lindsey has a release date for his dvd, also available as a dvd with cd-the man is kicking serious butt the way he got his cd released on his terms, did an expansive and inexpensive for the public to attend tour, and now already has the dvd ready for release. First class all the way, how Lindsey made sure the cd, tour, and dvd/live cd were organized so efficiently. Class act!
- The IYD documentary, well, there's hope. I guess. Ever hear of untilizing a press representative, Ms. N? Liz R. is useless and doesn't care about your cd or about you. No wonder WB fired her.
''The song people keeping hearing to pay'' as SN put it- 'Landslide' was a major factor in the lack of IYD's sales during television promotion. Big blowup of the cd cover, and she'd sing the old hits.
ENJOY that money earned, so prioritized, from the old songs, totally at the expense of the new cd. I hope for the Grammy noms clearly being sought.
If they happen, 'Wide Sargasso' and 'Italian Summer' are naturals for tv audiences, but go ahead, do old songs again.
GRAMMY for LINDSEY~~~ Artistic Integrity!!! SN also has class and integrity, just not when it's most important. Went for the Rod Stewart tour money and Landslide paychecks and totally chickened out by only singing 2 songs from a 14 song cd on television. Scaredy cat.

Anonymous said...

Can you not read??
It is posted quite clearly right at the top...
Wednesday, October 19, 2011; 8:00pm
And YES 200 very lucky people.
Oh and Putting your CD out on your own label because you could not get a contract from a major label just has a more desperate feel to it..
Interesting also, that both CD's dropped off the Bill Board Top List at the same time? Especially when INYD's has been out since May 3rd and LD's was out .. what 3 weeks??

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