Saturday, November 19, 2011

PHOTOS | VIDEO: Stevie Nicks | Dave Stewart | Brian McFadden - Melbourne Night 1

Bit of a wrap-up on the first Melbourne, Australia show from Saturday Night at Sidney Meyer Music Bowl... No official reviews yet, I expect they will come over the course of the next few days after the second Melbourne show at Mornington Racecourse, which is in progress as I write this.  There was a lot of positive reaction on the show from fans who attended - all happening during and after the show via facebook and twitter... Some really cool photos were posted (see below).  The first two photos below are by: @steven2082 on twitter.  Stevie looks incredible!

Huge audience on opening night in Melbourne... Great to see!!  From everything I've seen and read, the rain that had been pouring down all day somewhat eased off during the concert so the many that had lawn seats outside the covered seating didn't get completely swamped... 

Stevie's setlist appears to have stayed intact from her shows in the US.  No additions or changes from the latter October shows. She's playing 6 new songs from In Your Dreams... Stevie did her traditional Edge Walk during Edge of Seventeen... So fans at future shows in the front... position yourselves... She's coming your way!  Surprised there were no jumbo screens on either side of the stage.  Maybe the venue couldn't handle it.

Brian McFadden opened the show with Dave Stewart following in an amazing top hat!  Dave also joined Stevie on stage during her set for likely most if not all the 6 new songs being played (looking for confirmation on what songs Dave played on).  Whether it was because of the rainy weather, Stevie skipped the dresses tonight and stuck with an outfit similar to what she wore during her spring Rod Stewart tour.. Doesn't look like she broke out the white outfit to end the show with Edge of Seventeen. 

Once reviews for the show are published, you'll see them here.

The first 5 photos are by Charles Newbury - More photos by this photographer are on the way as he's working both shows.

Andrea Beattie (Music Editor at MX Newspaper) with Stevie Nicks and Kirsty Cuzens





JayneAppleton said...

Hi, i've got some amazing shots, high res good quality from 4/5 metres away, i just need some guidance as to how to get them to you. Also, how did you get these from Charles already? I've been on his page and haven't seen these yet? Admittedly, i don't know how to use twitter....
Love your work, your page is now biblical to stevie fans... even here in aus, i consult your page to know whats on!

Anonymous said...

Ok so maybe she didn't have time or whatever to change dresses this night but she could at least have done her hair.

Nickslive said...

Hi Jayne, If you haven't already found a method to upload your photos, you are more then welcome to email your photos to me and I'd be happy to upload them for others to see. Email is look forward to seeing them. Thanks for your comment on the site.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Stevie's hair. I think her hair looks great considering the heat and humidity she is in. I know a female didn't make that comment!

Anonymous said...

it WAS very humid and it was raining throughout most of the concert ... all 3 performances. who cares about Stevie's friggin hair. How about talking about how damn awesome she sounded and how long she held that last note during SA ...may be the best Stevie show I've been to ;)

Anonymous said...

No you're right, I'm a man. A gay one but still... I didn't mean to trash talk Stevie, because we all love her, but we all know she's become a bit lazy over the years - in particular with her costume changes in conserts. But hey, who wouldn't!?

JayneAppleton said...

here some are!

Anonymous said...

I guess the "gay man" would have no problem changing such clothes in that humidity! Well, I'm a gay woman and I wouldn't even want to try to change Stevie's outfits in that! I did see her the night Hurricane Irene was blowing into town (Bethel, NY) and she DID change her clothes! Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame her for not wanting to change clothes. That's not the most comfortable thing to do in humid, sticky weather. Also, Stevie straightens her hair and anyone who straightens their hair knows that no matter what you use in your hair, sometimes it is going to frizz. The fact that Stevie didn't pull a "diva" attitude because her hair wasn't perfect is something that all of the young divas in the industry can learn from. Frizzy hair or not, Stevie looks exceptional for 63.

Clare said...

Hi Thanks for all the Brian and Stevie pics you uploaded so Awesome loved looking through them all and I loved watching Stevie's videos
could imagine I was there hehe
I hope you don't mind me asking but did anyone here get any video's of Brian's set have being a fan of Brian and Stevie for years and having them sing on the same stage is awesome for me lol
And I'm from Ireland so sadly there is no way for me to go to these shows
and I would just love to see some of Brian's set if at all possible too
Again I don't mean to be cheeky and hope you don't mind my asking

Eurythmics - Dave Stewart - Annie Lennox News said...

Hi, i run a Eurythmics site at If there are any fans who have pics of Dave Stewart could they get in touch at

Charles kindly gave us poermission to post his fabulous sets of pictures.

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