Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Could "Gone Too Far" be the next Lindsey Buckingham radio release?

Pure speculation on my part, but could "Gone Too Far" possibly be the next radio single released from "Seeds We Sow".  With the new radio adds published today by Mediabase, Kink-FM out of Portland, OR have added the song to their rotation with 5 spins in the last week.

Great choice if it is... The track is very radio friendly with a Fleetwood Macish vibe going on through out especially the chorus. 


Anonymous said...

What's the point of another single? It won't help. The album sold just over 12,000 copies in total. It won't help. He's a driving force in Fleetwood Mac. But his solo work is just not commercial

Anonymous said...

I have a better chance of getting played on the radio, and I don't even have a album. His solo stuff is too precious and obscure and it just doesn't connect with that many people. He's never had a gold solo album and his last four solo discs combined haven't even match the sales of Street Angel. It's not like he writes hit singles either. Christine couldn't stand his ego.

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