Sunday, November 20, 2011

Video: STEVIE NICKS "Uncut" @sunriseon7 Weekend

A little more of Melissa Doyles interview with Stevie Nicks on Sunrise 7 in Australia. Melissa sat down with Stevie Nicks one-on-one ahead of her opening night show in Melbourne. The interview originally aired Tuesday, Nov 15th... This is the extended version that aired Sunday Nov 20th on Weekend Sunrise


Anonymous said...

Great interview...although it still makes me cringe when Stevie kicks into victim mode over the klonopin years.

However, she has a very realistic view of the current and future state of the music industry. It sounds as though she's at peace with it and will continue to create/record regardless of the outcome. That a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Stevie is in "victim mode". She believed in a doctor who was an idiot. She lost 10 years of her life when she felt she could have put out some great music and maybe have gotten married and had a baby if that was what she wanted. Stevie is just trying to make people aware of what Klonopin can do to you. I have witness what this drug does and it's just as awful as Stevie says it is.

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