Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Photo Gallery: Lindsey Buckingham Opens Fremont Concert Series San Luis Obispo

photo by Joe Johnston
Lindsey Buckingham opens Fremont Theatre concert series
Former Fleetwood Mac singer inaugurates SLO Brewing Co.’s concert series for the movie theater with one-man acoustic show.

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Photo Gallery

Photos below by @Majesticentinc

#LindseyBuckingham at historic #FreemontTheater. #awesomeshow on Twitpic The stage tonight at #FremontTheater prior to showtime. #Lind... on Twitpic
No Dancing... and were back to the leather jacket. By looking at the setlist provided by Majesticentinc, nothing has been added.

13 tunes... nice set, but a bit slim.


Anonymous said...

Um, sorry but NOT "TO" LATE should read NOT "TOO" LATE. Correct this now!!!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, please change things up a bit from night to night! I'm catching you four times on the east coast and would love variation in the setlists. You're a genius, and I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Is there a "Stevie" theme in his set list?

Stephanie made him Go Insane so he's Never Going Back Again to that Big Love. They both had to Go Your Own Way, otherwise ther will be Trouble. :-)

Anonymous said...


Stephanie made him come, joining fleetwood mac shut us down, and made him go insane, so he's never going back again to that big love. Yeah He was so afraid for them to go your own way bu the didn't want trouble. And all of this is the seeds WE sow, SLN!

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