Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Audience Intervention at last nights Lindsey Buckingham show in Wilmington, DE

Lindsey Buckingham Live in Wilmington, DE at World Cafe
June 11, 2012

The Delaware audience last night managed to finagle "Rock Away Blind" out of Lindsey... It's only the second time he's played this live, both times by request.  Seems this one was more by intervention. I wouldn't be surprised if this shows up in future setlists... 

Only 4 shows remaining for this leg of the tour.. Washington, DC tonight!

(Thanks to elle for capturing it!)

More video from the show: So Afraid | Bleed To Love Her/Not Too Late | Go Insane 

[updated June 13th]
Watch the FULL Show on video... captured from the front row. Start here with Castaway Dreams


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!! And so happy someone got the video of Rock Away Blind.

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to muse off topic here? It's a mere 14 days before SN kicks off her tour at Jones Beach. Rehearsals, same band,yes or no, opening song predictions? It IS June 29, yes? Nuttthin yet??? Lindsey seems to have played close to 50 dates by now. So, where's the great Ms. Nicks???

Anonymous said...

oops. make that 17 days, if i'm in the right month.

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