Friday, July 27, 2012

Boxscore: Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart - Cincinnati - July 21st

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks 
Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Ohio July 21, 2012 
Gross: $827,913 
Tickets Sold: 12,155 / Tickets Available: 12,155 
Shows: 1 / Sellouts: 1 
Ticket Prices: $149.50, $27.50 
Promoter: Live Nation 

Here's "DREAMS" from
Nashville, TN - July 24, 2012


Anonymous said...

Stevie's vocals sound strained here..Is she ill?

Anonymous said...

The talk is that she is either a bit sick or just having some issues with her voice at the moment. The other scenario being kicked around is she is visably upset due to the disrespect from Rod Stewart. The guy had to sit down during the beginning of Leather & Lace then show little to no interest in the performance at all, besides he can't sing it. They should try Stop draggin my heart around or just keep the two sets seperate, unfortunetly alot of concert goers are expecting them to perform together. At any rate I hope Stevie is fine and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Rod called for Stevie to come back out onstage in Cincinnati & she was nowhere to be found. No duets from the 2 of them on 7/21. She was MIA.

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