Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Stevie Nicks, 64, wasn't as physical as Rod Stewart, but her voice was much finer - Milwaukee

Waddy Wachtel
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Veteran rockers Stewart, Nicks each have strengths
By Piet Levy of the Journal Sentinel

Seeing Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks singing together has arguably been one of the stronger selling points of the accomplished veterans' joint 2-year-old Heart and Soul Tour, which made a stop at the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Monday.

But as has been the case on recent dates, the duets didn't happen.

Perhaps their hearts and souls weren't in it. And perhaps it was for the best, given the bad reviews their joint performances have received.

So instead of Stewart warbling his way through "Leather and Lace," Nicks brought out vocal coach Steve Real. Like most of the evening, the performance was affectionate and comforting.

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greg said...

I was in the 5th row, surrounded mostly by fans of Rod Stewart. I was a little nervous because it was my first time seeing Stevie when I wasn't in Stevie territory.

I can honestly say the audience was extremely receptive to Stevie and her set list. The majority Rod Stewart fans around me stood through most, if not all of Stevie's set.

Milwaukee was extremely receptive to Soldier's Angel and you could have heard a pin drop when Stevie introduced the song.

I expected Rod fans to talk through Stevie's set, but those around me didn't.

During Landslide, a Rod fan directly behind me said..."there's just something about that voice." If you could have heard the tone of HIS voice, it was one of the best compliments an artist could receive.

I also expected many Rod fans to skip the first part of Stevie's set...anticipating Rod's show. Once again...not the case. It was a refreshingly respectful and appreciative audience. Rod should be proud of his fans. :-)

Cutest part of the evening? When Stevie removed her shawl at the end of Stand Back...held it up to the audience...spread it wide open...and introduced it as the original shawl that appeared in the 1983 Stand Back video. "This is proof that you get what you pay for," she said to the crowd with a big smile on her face.

Walking out of the arena after Stevie's set list, I heard many Rod fans complimenting Stevie. I knew they were Rod fans because they said things like "That Stevie Nicks was really good."

Charming. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love to hear that...I myself experienced the same thing last year in Chicago when I saw them. Stevie is truly a unique and extremely talented performer in my opinion, underestimated. There IS something about that voice!!! SOMETHING TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!;

Anonymous said...

Decent review, and nice photos. I like how Stevie's backdrop/screen seems higher this time around, looks great.

Anonymous said...

I still wish Stevie and Don would tour together again...that sounded like such a unique experience!! Rod and Stevie have zero chemistry together.

greg said...

I forgot to mention...another cute moment of the show was when Stevie must have decided on an abbreviated intro to Edge of 17 (possibly because she was too chatty during the concert and was behind schedule). After changing her outfit for Edge, she came back on stage and headed for her mic. There was just one thing wrong...the "girls" weren't on stage yet.

Stevie gave Waddy the intense Stevie stare she always does just before singing the first verse, and I began to panic in my head. "Does she NOT realize the girls aren't on stage yet??? She can't start the song without them!!!"

Well she did...and just after she sang the first 'Just like the white wing dove'...Sharon and Lori come running out from back stage like two giggling little girls who also had the look of "we're gonna get it now" on their faces.

Stevie handled it like a pro...never turned around to see what the deal was...the show had to go on....and it did. :-)

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